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Chakra Meditation: The Benefits of Opening All 7 Chakras – EOC Institute

Chakra Meditation: The Benefits of Opening All 7 Chakras

The Benefits of Opening the Seven Chakras

Benefits Of Chakra Meditation

As the main junctions of spiritual energy throughout the body, each chakra has its own unique set of functions and characteristics. Below are the seven chakras, their locations, the qualities they promote, and the best way to open them all (meditation!).

#1: Root Chakra:
•  To find this chakra, it helps to sit in the lotus position (or cross legged).
•  This chakra is located right at your tailbone, hence the name "root."
•  Root chakra meditation helps us feel more grounded and stable.
•  Associated with life's bare necessities, like food and shelter.
•  Many think of the root chakra as our "financial stability" center.
•  Feeling "rooted" in this chakra reminds us that the ground is "always beneath us," and that we just need to relax.
•  No matter what happens in life we can always come back to our root.

#2: Sacral Chakra:
•  The sacral chakra is located two inches below the navel and two inches inward.
•  It's the chakra of graciousness, pleasure, and selflessness.
•  Sacral meditation helps us feel more generous & charitable.
•  An opened up sacral chakra reconnects us to the "whole" — helping us feel less loneliness and depression.

#3: Solar Plexus Chakra:
•  As the name suggests, this chakra is located in the upper abdomen.
•  Linked to our sense of control.
•  If you've ever had butterflies in your stomach, your solar plexus chakra was feeling weak.
•  Helps to explain why when we are nervous, we will sometimes put our hands on our stomach.
•  Physical touch opens this chakra.
•  Solar plexus chakra meditation is known to boost confidence.

#4: Heart Chakra:
•  As the name suggests, this chakra is located in the center of the chest.
•  Heart chakra meditation improves our ability to love ourselves and others.
•  The heart chakra allows us to feel joy and inner peace.
•  There are many physical benefits of heart chakra meditation — like lowering our cholesterol, decreasing our blood pressure, and slowing our heart rate.

Chakra Meditation Benefits

#5: Throat Chakra:
•  While located in the throat this chakra also controls hearing.
•  It's the chakra of communication and balance.
•  Throat chakra meditation helps to promote self-expression and our ability to listen.
•  Can be a great catalyst for the release of built up negative thoughts.
•  People with a healthy throat chakra feel comfortable talking about their fears and insecurities.
•  When opened this chakra can enhance creativity.

#6: Third Eye Chakra:
•  Located between the eyes, this chakra is often known as the "brow chakra."
•  In addition to helping us focus, third eye chakra meditation helps us see the big picture.
•  People who meditate on this area feel less overwhelmed when faced with adversity.
•  The third eye is the center of wisdom and intuition.
•  Helps to remind us that the universe is incomprehensibly vast.

#7: Crown Chakra:
•  The highest chakra sits atop the head.
•  It keeps the body spiritually connected to the "ALL."
•  A major gateway for prana, or energy, to enter the body.
•  Crown chakra meditation opens our minds to both inner and outer beauty.
•  Pure bliss is felt when we open this powerful chakra.
•  In meditation, the crown chakra helps us feel a strong connection to our higher self and inner divinity.

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