Meditation for Increased Energy: How & Why It Works

Meditation For Increased Energy: How & Why It Works: 5 Reasons

Meditation For Increased Energy

Do you wish you had more energy? You aren’t the only one. From Starbucks, to 5 Hour Energy, to Red Bull, the world spends billions of dollars every year for that little bit of extra energy to get us through the day.

The problem is, we tend to rely on things which provide at best, only a temporary boost. At worst, we are ingesting substances that may harm us in known and unknown ways.

Indeed, meditation for increased energy might seem like a paradox. Many people become surprised to learn that meditation, the very best way to calm and focus the mind, is also a highly effective solution for increased energy.

However, the very fact that we are expecting our bodies and minds to do more with less is part of the reason why it does make sense. Here are 6 reasons meditation for energy is so essential:

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#1: How To Boost Low Energy — Meditation Transforms How We Respond to Stress

Meditation For Low Energy

When our ancient ancestors spent their daylight hours hunting and gathering, come nightime physical exhaustion was the standard.

While feeling tired at the end of a long workday is no new phenomenon, we are collectively exhausted because of a whole different set of reasons.

Why? Modern society suffers from a kind of mind epidemic. We not only self-generate our problems, but we mismanage them until they spiral out of control.

In turn, we unnecessarily trigger our fight-or-flight response — releasing a bunch of nasty chemicals like the stress hormone "cortisol".

For anyone seeking a more natural & stable energy supply, cortisol is the one chemical where less is better. You can think of cortisol as motivation's heaviest ball-and-chain.

Meditation For Low Energy

What if it was possible to neutralize this nasty energy-zapping chemical? You can, through meditation.

Among a host of studies showing the same result, one University of Rutgers doctor found that meditation reduced the amount of cortisol in the body by a whopping 50%!

This alone, by some calculations, could effectively double your energy level! Not bad.

In the end, by massively upgrading your body's stress response, meditation increases the net result of all good things, especially increased energy. Back to Top Menu ↑

#2: Boosting Energy Naturally — Stimulants Have Side Effects And Are Short Lasting

Boosting Energy With Meditation

We tend to rely on temporary solutions — drinking another cup of coffee or downing an energy drink to keep us going.

The problem is that these temporary energy boosts always come with the inevitable crash, leaving us just as exhausted, or often even more exhausted, than before we got our fix.

While physical exercise (weightlifting, walking, running, etc) are all well-proven ways to up your energy levels, meditation works on the brain and body in very similar and (many would argue) superior ways.

For example, long distance runners’ are addicted to their sport for good reason, namely endorphins. These chemicals provide a powerful energy boost as well as a wonderful kind of mental euphoria that has appropriately been coined "runner’s high".

How To Get Energy With Meditation

In fact one landmark 1995 study compared the brains of 12 highly trained meditators and 11 elite runners. What did they discover?

Both groups' blood measurements showed greatly boosted endorphins and perhaps most amazingly — meditation had the clear edge over running. The highs of meditation cannot be duplicated.

Perhaps this is why so many freshly minted meditation practitioners report no longer requiring their once "must-have" morning coffee?

Meditation lays the foundation for a calm, focused, higher level of mind that stimulants simply cannot touch. Drop your energy drink. Pickup meditation. Back to Top Menu ↑

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#3: How To Increase Energy — Better Sleep. More Energy. So Easy. Meditation Is Key

How To Get Energy With Meditation

"It’s 4am… still haven’t slept… have to wake up at 6:30am… I hate my life". We have all been there.

In order to start the day fresh with a fully charged battery, sleep is essential. The problem is, people are sleeping less, not more.

If you go to bed stressed out or obsessing over your to do list, chances are that you will not sleep long enough or deep enough. Tomorrow’s energy levels are directly linked to tonight’s stress and anxiety.

Luckily, meditation re-trains the "ready for bedtime" brain. The mindfulness naturally achieved through meditation brings awareness to the present moment, putting to bed today’s happenings and tomorrow’s worries.

Meditation is perhaps the only way to become highly aware of your thought content and thought frequency, while caging the "monkey-mind" which prevents so many of us from falling asleep and staying asleep.

How To Get Energy With Meditation

In fact, many meditation practitioners are able to maintain acute mental awareness during the dream state (i.e. lucid dreaming). This is impossible without deep (REM), super-restorative, energy-vitalizing levels of sleep. Whole books have been written on the subject.

Moreover, meditation boosts the naturally occurring sleep-compound melatonin by at least 98%!

Extra melatonin allows meditators to sleep more deeply, more soundly, and more effectively. In time, meditators wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized each and every morning, with the energy to last the day.

Sleep like a log. Supercharge your energy. Discover meditation. Back to Top Menu ↑

#4: Increasing Energy — Meditation Boosts Two Critical Chemicals: Growth Hormone (GH) & DHEA

If you want more energy, then boosting these two critical chemicals alone will do the trick:

Natural Energy Boost With Meditation

Critical Chemical #1: DHEA — Best known for providing an overall sense of well-being, DHEA is a very popular ingredient in many of today’s energy boosting supplements. Then, why not just take some DHEA to feel better?

Not a good idea for many reasons including but limited to: experiencing many known and unknown side effects (including reducing your natural energy levels), becoming overly dependent, and DHEA supplementation flat out doesn't work for many.

Critical Chemical #2: Growth Hormone (GH) — The main chemical for making you bigger, stronger, and taller during puberty while maintaining your tissues and organs today, Growth Hormone is critical for reducing fatigue and increasing motivation.

Natural Energy Boost With Meditation

In fact, many financially advantaged folks (including celebrities) spend $10,000 / month supplementing with this elusive hormone!

Why are these two chemicals so important? Part of the reason we feel more and more lethargic as our years add up, our bodies produce less and less DHEA / Growth Hormone as we get older. If only it was possible to boost these two critical body chemicals?

Luckily, there is scientifically proven method of beating Father Time at his own pool-draining game.

Backed by a slew of studies — meditation, in the most healthy and natural way, effectively boosts both DHEA & Growth Hormone production, letting you swim in the "fountain of youth" whenever you wish.

By turning back the hands of time, meditation makes you look and feel younger, with the energy levels to match. Back to Top Menu ↑

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#5: How To Gain Energy — Meditation's Brain Upgrades Ensure Your Battery Stays Charged

Meditation For Increased Energy

Perhaps the best dividing line between prehistoric and modern man, two key brain regions have changed dramatically over the millennia.

The so called "CEO," "thought orchestrator," and emotional "command & control" Prefrontal Cortex has risen to prominence while the "fear center" Amygdala has lost its swagger.

Serving as a kind of brain yin & yang, those of us still dominated by our Amygdala, rather than our Prefrontal Cortex, are far less resilient during stressful times — causing us to use more battery life to handle the day to day.

How To Increase Energy With Meditation

It’s noon, your iPhone has 10 apps running in the background, you have been non-stop texting your beloved, and you had to make an hour-long phone call this morning. Is there any wonder your battery life is at 22%?

It’s the same with your brain/energy levels. The untrained, non-meditative brain/body will lose charge much faster, mishandling stress and the day to day wear and tear that we all face. In turn, your energy levels plummet.

Luckily, meditation upgrades the brain region of the future while deactivating the brain region of the past.

How To Gain Energy With Meditation

Numerous studies, including by esteemed Harvard Researcher Dr Sara Lazar, have shown meditators’ to have big and strong Prefrontal Cortexes, with cool and calm Amygdalae.

You could say that meditation is like putting your iPhone on a kind of permanent airplane mode, while still running your apps/texts/calls as usual. In turn, your battery (energy levels) never get below 88%, no matter how stressful your day.

With meditation, you can live with less anxiety, less worry, less stress, and the perfect mental environment for recharging your proverbial batteriesBack to Top Menu ↑

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