How Meditation Lengthens Telomeres & Life Spans

Telomeres: How Meditation Boosts Longevity, Slows Cancer

How Stress Grinds Down Telomores, Speeds Aging

Why stress makes us age so fast: telomeres

Sometimes called the "White House Effect," have you ever noticed how a new president or prime minister seems to age a decade after only a couple of years in office?

Stress, according to many health and longevity researchers, speeds up our "biological clock" — a powerful force which makes us look and feel old long before our time.

Telomere lengthening: How meditation helps to beat cancer

In fact, in addition to losing their length, the tip-like "telomeres" within our DNA begin to "fray," just like the shoe lace tips on your favorite running shoes, over time, and especially under stress.

A great way to measure "true health," short "frayed" telomeres are linked to the whole medical dictionary: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, anxiety, and much more.

Thankfully, telomere damage can be slowed down and even reversed. How? Meditation.

How Meditation Lengthens Telomeres, Shortens Cancer

Telomere lengthening: How mindfulness helps to beat cancer

There have been some remarkable studies into meditation's powerful effect on telomeres, with benefits reaching far beyond longevity. Here are a couple:

One study (Carlson et al) published in the highly respected journal, "Cancer," found that meditation helped breast cancer survivors maintain (a powerful result!) their telomere length, while the non-meditating group saw their telomeres drastically shorten.

Another study by scientists at the University of California-Davis found meditators' white blood cells to have a thriving telomere community, with the citizens (telomeres) healthy and tall.

Why Meditation Is The "Gene Mozart"

Telomeres: Why Epigeneticists love meditation

With Oncology (cancer), Longevity, and Life-Extension topping the list, many disciplines are deeply interested in meditation's ability to — like an Iowa corn field, grow and maintain "tall" telomeres.

Epigeneticists are enthralled at these results because telomere length determines which genes get switched on and off.

By keeping your telomeres long, strong, and healthy, does meditation's powerful "gatekeeping" work to express only your "best" genes?

The Takeaway

If your genes are the piano keys, and your lifestyles choices are the pianist, then meditation may just be Mozart.

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