Key Study Shows How Meditation Helps Heart Bypass Surgery Patients

How Meditation Builds Healthy Hearts, Bypasses Surgery

Study: How mindfulness benefits heart health and bypass surgery

For a happy and healthy heart, everybody knows the importance of diet and exercise. However, very few of us realize that a durable ticker also requires a well-tuned mind.

An incredible study published in the academic compilation "Potentiating Health & The Crisis Of The Immune System," Psychologist Dr Carl Stonier (University of Hull) had 40 heart patients practice guided meditation over the course of one year, with the control group receiving only counseling. More proof into the mind’s incredible ability to heal the body, here is what he found:

Incredible Meditation Heart Patient Study Results:

  • The statistics (below) for mental well-being, emotional health, degree of chest pain, and exercise tolerance for the "guided meditation" group's results were both potent and long lasting — while the "counseling only" group’s results were weak and temporary.
  • "Meditation Only Group" — Final Results: (3 months +934%, 6 months +705%, 12 months +577%)
  • "Counseling Only Group" — Final Results: (3 months +103%, 6 months -32%, 12 months 34%)
  • 6 patients in the meditation group left the bypass surgery waiting list.
  • While in very serious condition prior to the study (with many on a heart transplant waiting list), 0 patients in the meditation group died. However, 6 patients from the counseling only group died from cardiac related events.
  • The meditators either reduced greatly or entirely came off their heart medication.
  • The meditators regained significant "control" of their lives, including their ability and capacity to exercise.
  • After completion of the study, the doctors found the results to be so exemplary that the control group also received the guided visualization meditation so called "treatment."

How Meditation Lead To The Miracle Of The "Cardiac Cripple"

How mindfulness helps heart patients

One shining example of Dr. Stonier’s study was a woman deemed the "cardiac cripple." With her medication maxed out and incapable of another bypass surgery, she was out of options and out of hope.

Luckily, the guided meditation proved to be her magic. The same woman who got angina from simply getting out of her car was, after practicing meditation for only three months, swimming nearly a mile every day.

While nothing in the past had worked for her, she ended up maintaining good health for decades afterward, even becoming the caregiver to her husband who developed Alzheimer’s later in life.

Why Meditation Is Priceless

The benefits of mindfulness on heart bypass surgery

Is the best medicine also the cheapest medicine? With heart bypass surgery now in the $70,000-$200,000 range, how much does the ancient mind practice cost?

While we don't have enough data to say that mindfulness can empty the heart bypass surgery waiting list (a bold claim indeed!), meditation is certainly key to the future of medicine.

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