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How Meditation Raises Consciousness & Awareness – EOC Institute

How Meditation Raises Consciousness & Awareness

How Meditation Affects Consciousness

Meditation and Consciousness

The origin of consciousness is one of the great unanswered questions of our time. Although science has yet to come up with a definitive explanation, it is clear that we can raise our own state of consciousness. What, then, is the best method for doing this? Meditation.

By making you, in a very real sense, more conscious of the world around you, meditation does many things — heightens your awareness, deepens thought levels, boosts sensory perception, increases stimuli processing capability, not to mention a limitless number of other emotional, psychological, and physical benefits. Here are 5 things to understand about how meditation affects your consciousness:

Meditation teaches you to live in the present.

Have you ever witnessed something magnificent while another observer completely missed it? It happened to be that you were completely aware of what was going on, while the other person was simply not present. This lack of awareness is how most people live their lives. Without being completely aware of the world, the beauty within it can easily be missed. The solution to this is to become more aware and conscious of what is going around you, things you may have previously ignored. Meditation is the key to unlocking this magnificent new awareness.

The mind is constantly and compulsively churning.

Constant thoughts and chatter fill the mind, and the more you feed that chatter the louder it becomes. The mind seems to always want more; it is always looking to grasp something that is ‘out there.’ Most people live their lives with an outward focus, yet they neglect the rich world that exists within. By constantly identifying with the minds chatter, restlessness and boredom are the results. The solution is to become fully conscious of your mind, in meditation, taking time every day to enjoy the silence and stillness within.

Under all of the mind’s noise is a quiet place.

Meditation and Consciousness

By training your mind, in meditation, to be highly-conscious of just one thing — such as deep controlled breathing, great things begin to happen. Like what? The mind becomes more tame. Incessant mind chatter slows to a halt. And an incredible new mindful awareness will permeate your day to day activities. A tranquil mind is a recipe for a happy, full life.

Harnessing and focusing the mind changes everything.

Would you like to have incredible control over your emotions and feelings, something that the majority of people in the world lack? By meditating consistently you will find that you are the true authority over your thoughts and impulses. It will become clear that you are not your mind and you are not your thoughts. They are tools for you to use, not the other way around. The concept of self releases, followed by a deeper understanding of the mind and how it functions. Once you experience this knowing, an enlightened state of consciousness is sure to follow.

Meditation affects the consciousness in a scientifically measurable way.

While scientists do not yet fully understand the true origin of consciousness, many agree that it can be measured within the brainwave patterns of the individual. For example, theta and delta brainwaves become more prominent as you go deeper into meditation. In these states you can have a number of different experiences, like inspirational flashes of creativity, recall long forgotten memories, and becoming aware during and control your dreams (lucid dreaming). The truth is, within this realm, science is barely scratching the surface, it will be exciting to see what comes over the “meditation consciousness research” horizon in the next few years.

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