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Meditation Is The Key To Success For Billionaires, CEOs – EOC Institute

Meditation Is The Key To Success For Billionaires, CEOs

Why Meditation Is The Secret To Success

Why meditation is the secret to success

Successful People Swear By Meditation

On his incredibly popular, 100+ million download podcast, bestselling author and highly successful angel investor Tim Ferriss ("4 Hour Work Week") dives into the daily habits, rituals, and routines of the world's most successful people.

How to achieve success in life

His 200+ spell-binding interviews of powerful CEOs, top martial artists, famous Hollywood actors, influential bloggers, bestselling authors, well-known media personalities, top military rank, revered artists, and gold medal olympic athletes — illuminate and inspire. What did he uncover?

Nearly 90% of these super-successful people had a daily practice of meditation!

Why the mind is so powerful for achieving success

Tony Robbins, one of the world's greatest motivators, claimed that his morning "hour of power" meditation routine dramatically changed his life. (Note: You don't need an hour per day, 10-30 minutes works just fine).

Legendary investor, Ray Dalio, the world's 25th wealthiest man ($17 billion), stated that meditation is the "single most important reason" for his incredible track record of success.

Why meditation is the best way path to success

Overwhelmed with his newfound fame and rapidly growing movie career, Arnold Schwarzenegger learned a powerful meditation technique in the 1980's that forever transformed his ability to deal with stress.

Creator of the expansive Paul Mitchell hair product empire, billionaire John Paul DeJoria, begins his day with just five minutes of meditation.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, the world most valuable company ($872 billion), stated that his "meditation learned & developed" intuition is how he was able to guide multiple companies (including Pixar) to the stratosphere of the business world. Jobs learned the meditative ropes on a well-documented 1974 trip to India.

Why successful people practice meditation

With behemoths like Google, Apple, and Amazon now offering meditation classes to their employees, it appears that the world's most transformative companies are catching on.

It is the powerful deep mind access, the creative idea generating, the sharper thinking, and the higher states of awareness that keep successful people drinking from the meditative well, session after session, day after day.

If you want to become successful then meditation is the secret

Like a skyscraper rising into the heavens, the benefits of meditation are built one steel-framed floor on top of another. In time, the "new you" has risen so high above the "old you" that binoculars are the only way to catch a glimpse.

Rocket-launch your success. Discover meditation.

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