The Fortified Hippocampus: How Meditation Improves Memory

The "Remember Everything" Hippocampus — How Meditation Improves Memory, Learning

How Do Some Of Us Maintain Excellent Memory Through Old Age?

How meditation improves your memory by changing your brain

We have all forgotten where we left our keys, blanked on a friend's name, or let a family member's birthday slip through the cracks.

However, memory loss is not an inevitable part of the aging process. There are plenty of octogenarian brains out there firing on all cylinders, staying sharp as a razor well past the 80 year mark.

Then, how can some of us memorize 100,000 digits of Pi like 72 year old Akira Haraguchi, while others of us can't even remember our coworkers' names? It's all about that big beautiful dome sitting atop your shoulders.

Dr. Larry Squire, a world-renowned University of California (San Diego) psychiatrist, published a groundbreaking paper titled "Memory, Hippocampus, and Brain Systems" — illustrating just how critical the "hippocampus" is to learning and memory.

For those of us looking to ace life's never-ending exams, climb the career ladder, or win 74 Jeopardy gameshows in a row like the "human fact machine" Ken Jennings, pinpointing this seahorse-shaped brain region has far-reaching implications.

How Meditation Grows Your Brain, Bulletproofs Your Memory

Why the secret to boosting your memory is to harness the power of neuroplasticity

"So, if I want to have great memory and learning ability, then all I need to do is hop in a time-machine and be reborn to new big-brained parents? Sounds plausible."

Think again. Much like the two aforementioned "legends of memory," Akira Haraguchi and Ken Jennings, you have the power to build within your cranium a powerful hippocampus. That's the power of neuroplasticity.

"Then, how do I rewire my brain like these guys? I wanna' be a brainiac too!"


As one of the most prominent neuroscientists in the world, Harvard University's Dr. Sara Lazar and colleagues have studied the meditating brain for decades.

Among a long list of awe-inspiring healthy brain discoveries, her research shows that meditation dramatically increases "hippocampal cortical thickness," with magnitude determined by experience.

Why meditation is the best memory exercise

In other words, like an artist molding clay, meditation shapes the learning and memory center of our brain into something beautiful.

It was once believed that our intelligence was "set" the day we are born. Luckily, we know better now.

Leak-proof your memory. Learn to superlearn. Discover meditation.

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