Prefrontal Cortex: How Meditation Forges An “Einstein Brain”

The "High Intelligence" Prefrontal Cortex — How Meditation Makes You Smart, Healthy

How to harness the power of neuroplasticity to make your brain like Einstein

Einstein Had A Beautiful Brain

As perhaps the greatest scientist to ever walk the earth, Albert Einstein undoubtedly had a very powerful and very unique brain. Founding modern physics ain't easy.

It turns out that the great physicist's brain had actually been preserved for a short time after his 1955 death. While a number of photographs were taken, the full slideshow did not see the light of day for over 50 years. And when the pics did surface, every warm-blooded neuroscientist in the world was chomping at the bit.

In 2012, with the full power of modern technology, a Dr. Dean Falk headed Florida State University team compared Einstein's brain images to those of 85 "normal" human brains. What did they find?

With his "prefrontal cortex" (PFC) perhaps the most striking feature of all, the legendary scientist's brain dropped egg-head-shaped jaws the world over.

Just how important is this brain region?

The "Prefrontal Cortex:" A.K.A. The "Emperor" Of The Brain

How to enhance your IQ by changing your prefrontal cortex through meditation

As the brain's thought orchestrator, complex planner, deep thinker, and high level decision maker, if all the brain regions held an election, the prefrontal cortex would be anointed emperor.

Specifically, it was the overall development, tightly packed gray matter, and vast surface coverage that made Einstein's prefrontal cortex so unique.

It turns out that modern physics' "Theory of Relativity" is backed by a whole lotta' processing power. He was way ahead of his time for good reason.

What if it was possible for us mere mortals to upgrade our brain in the same way? Imagine the possibilities if we each had even a fraction of Einstein's brilliance?

Hit the brakes. Science has discovered a way. It's called meditation.

What made Einstein's brain so unique and how you can do the same through neuroplasticity

How Meditation "Einsteinifies" Your Brain

A landmark 2005 study by Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sara Lazar found that experienced meditators had much more neural density, thickness, folds, and electrical activity within their prefrontal cortex.

Sound familiar? That's also what made Albert Einstein's brain so unique. Needless to say, the implications of this finding are immense.

Why the secret to improving your intelligence lies in Albert Einstein’s brain fitness

Upgrading the "king of all brain regions" opens a whole new dimension of powerful benefits: less anxiety, less depression, more success, more processing power, better decision making, better health, stronger willpower, higher IQ, the list goes on.

To compound this amazing discovery, Dr. Lazar found that the more meditation experience a person had under his/her belt, the more highly developed their prefrontal cortex.

Backed by a mile high stack of studies, the neuroscientific community now sees meditation as the "holy grail" for folks wanting to be smart, healthy, and successful.

Honorable Mention

Another unique area of Einstein's brain was the "bridge" connecting his left and right hemispheres, the "corpus callosum (CC)." Thought to be responsible for his "otherworldly" creativity, when it comes to "how" his magical brain could have innovated physics to such an epic degree, his "thick and brawny" CC is one titanic reason why. Does meditation upgrade this brain area too? Yes!

"Einsteinify" your brain. Rewire your life. Discover meditation.

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