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How Meditative Thoughts Heal at the Cellular Level – EOC Institute

How Meditative Thoughts Heal at the Cellular Level

How To "Think" Yourself To Great Health: Meditation & The "Cell Membrane"

Your Body Is A "Cell" Wonderland

benefits of positive thinking

Think of your body as a "community" of 50 trillion living cells.

While each "citizen" (cell) is a conscious, living, breathing, sentient being, interacting with all other community members — they are also part of the much bigger, much more wonderfully complex "whole."

When your cellular community is in harmony, you are healthy. When in disharmony, the door opens to disease.

Before we tell you how to create your own "cellular" utopia, it is important to understand a bit of science.

How Meditation Upgrades Thought: The "Cell Membrane"

The healing power of the cell wall

According to most all scientists before Aristotle, the earth was flat.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a developmental biologist at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, determined early in his academic career that the "carved in stone" doctrine, at least in his field of research, was flat out wrong.

As an esteemed cell researcher, he discovered that the so called "brain" of the cell was NOT in the nucleus — but in the protective covering, the "cell membrane."

Like your Macbook's keyboard, the actions of the cell membrane are, keystroke by keystroke and thought by thought, programmed by your beliefs, emotions, and experiences.

Meditation: Think Yourself To Great Health

Immune benefits of a positive mind

Back to the community of 50 trillion living cells. How do you create a "physical utopia," where each and every cell is happy, fulfilled, and living a life of true purpose?

Meditation. If thought (via the membrane) ultimately dictates cell health, then fixing the root of the problem is the clear solution. That is, having better thoughts.

Whatever metaphor you can think of, when it comes to upgrading "thought," meditation has you covered. Deeper thought, check. Higher thought, check. Clearer thought, check.

How Meditation Makes You A Master Mind Mechanic

Heal yourself with positive thinking

By interfacing with your thoughts on the deepest level, meditation is the only true method of going face to face with your incomprehensibly complex mind.

To keep your car moving down the road, sometimes you gotta' visit the local mechanic. Likewise, when your thoughts need a tuneup, you "gotta' get under the hood."

Meditation is the only true way to put your thoughts "up on the rack", run diagnostics, and repair whatever is keeping them from firing on all cylinders. Best of all, no tow-truck is ever needed, no wasting half-a-day at the local Firestone.

Thoughts Do Heal, Meditation Is The Key

The power of positivity on health

In his bestselling book, "The Biology of Belief," Dr Lipton confirmed that since our cells, genes, and DNA are manipulated by our mind — then we can literally "think our way to great health."

The paradigm has shifted: we are no longer victims of mom and dad's double helix, we are no longer just biological machines, and our health is no longer beyond our control. Mindfulness is the way.

How Meditation Helps You Harness The "Mind-Body Connection"

Why Elevating The Mind Elevates Immunity

How the mind body connection can heal anything

Since the birth of modern medicine, the body’s ability to heal and defend itself, at least according to medical textbooks — was a purely physical phenomenon. Over the last few decades, however, a new paradigm has emerged.

The "mind-body connection" has taken a jackhammer to once carved in stone scientific "dogma", with new discoveries adding to the already Mount Everest stack of evidence.

The effect of negative thoughts on the immune system

Backed by countless studies, we now know that our immune cells' ability to dominate disease and protect against foreign invaders is under direct command and control of the mind.

Like a chain reaction or domino effect, your positive and negative thoughts elicit corresponding mental / emotional states — which then either help or hinder your cells, organs, immune system, and health.

Here are a couple of ways mindfulness elevates your consciousness to the top floor, which then penthouses your whole immune system.

Thought By Thought: How The Undisciplined Mind Pecks Our Health Away

Stress, anxiety, and the mind body connection

Like a machine gun, the anxiety ridden, poor immune system functioning mind fires one negative thought after another:

"Why do I always say such stupid things? Why don’t they like me? Am I getting sick? Will anyone ever love me? Will I ever have enough money? Why can’t I lose weight?"

How the anxious, monkey mind elevates stress and lowers immunity

In fact, scientists estimate that the human mind generates more than 70,000 thoughts per day — meaning a negatively polarized mind can chip away at your health quite literally every couple of seconds!

So, how many of your thoughts are based on fear, worry, and doubt? How many are based on confidence, happiness, and hope? Is poor "thought hygiene" compromising your immune system?

While we all have troubling thoughts from time to time, the difference for folks with unhealthy thought patterns is that the sheer barrage of negativity is far beyond "normal."

How Meditation Gets Us Off The Anxiety "Hamster Wheel"

the effect of anxiety and stress on health

The overactive mind can be truly overwhelming and paralyzing, triggering a cataclysm of negative effects. The road to poor health is paved by "poor thought asphalt".

Then, how do we tame the so called "monkey mind"?

Meditation. By taking a breather from the health-robbing hamster wheel of anxiety, meditation ensures you no longer waste your vitality micro-managing unproductive fear based thinking.

The self-healing power of mindfulness

Instead of rehearsing yesterday’s tragedies and borrowing tomorrow’s troubles, instead of buying into your fears, meditation allows you to experience the profound bliss between each thought.

When you no longer betray your nervous system through mental time travel, your awareness teleports back into the present moment.

Can you guess what else lives in the present moment? Your health and happiness.

"Fighting" Our Thoughts: Why Meditation Is The Mind's Best Referee

The anxious monkey mind's effect on health

Black or white, rich or poor, Democrat or Republican, young or old. We humans love (often polarizing) labels and categories, it seems that nothing and no one is exempt.

Similarly, the human mind likes to categorize its incoming thoughts — this is a "good" thought, that is a "bad" thought, I "should" think this, I "shouldn’t" think that, and so on.

The problem is, this judgment of incoming thoughts, this fighting with "bad" thoughts that we "shouldn’t" be having — only makes matters worse.

Carl Jung, one of modern psychology’s founding fathers, once said, "What you resist, persists."

The immune system and the mind body connection

Like a river current, the turbulent, "scared of itself" mind can take your immune system downstream, against your wishes, into enemy territory. Your health is powerless against an unruly mind.

The good news is that mindfulness reclaims your kingdom of excellent health, no matter how long it is been under the cruel, authoritative rule of undisciplined thought patterns.

How Mindfulness Helps You Achieve "Thought Mastery"

how to quiet mind chatter and tame the monkey mind

We tend to define ourselves by the mind chatter constantly churning in our heads, often letting irrational thoughts determine our self-worth, beliefs, and actions.

How does meditation fix this problem? When a thought surfaces, mindfulness trains us to neutrally "observe" it from a distance. Not a good thought, not a bad thought. Just a thought.

For example, "My boss hates me. I think he is going to fire me. My life is over if I lose my job."

How mindfulness heals stress and anxiety

Instead, mindfulness trains the mind to think, "Oh, there’s that thought again. I have had it before, I have been here before. Thoughts come and go, this one is not special."

Away from any kind of unnatural or forced so called "whimsical" positive thinking, the true "mental reconditioning" power of mindfulness helps you realize that "you are NOT your thoughts."

A Quiet Mind Creates A Healthy Body

Healing with the mind body connection

Like waves crashing upon the shore, thoughts come and go. No wave is any more important than the last one or the next one.

When we no longer "buy-in" to the silliness, craziness, or scariness constantly surfacing within our mind, then we take back our long lost power to "choose" our thoughts.

This mental upgrade also upgrades our body's defense shield, elevating immunity to the highest possible level. No matter what health battle you are facing, having a reset button for the mind can work wonders.

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