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How Meditation Quiets Negative Mind Chatter, Anxiety – EOC Institute

How Meditation Quiets Negative Mind Chatter, Anxiety

How Meditation Cools & Quiets Busy, Anxious Thoughts

We Fuel Anxiety With 70,000+ Thoughts Per Day

Permanently Reducing Chronic Anxiety With Meditation

Like a machine gun, the anxious mind fires one fearful and worrisome thought after another:

"Why did I say something so stupid? Why don't they like me? What happens if I lose my job? Why don’t I have any energy? Am I getting sick? Will anyone ever love me? Will I ever have enough money? Why can’t I be successful? Why can’t I lose this weight?"

In fact, scientists estimate the number of human thoughts at around 70,000 per day — meaning a worried, anxious mind can literally generate a new negative thought every couple of seconds!

While we all have troublesome thoughts from time to time, the difference for the anxious mind is the sheer level of bombardment is far beyond that of a normal person — it is easy to see why so many anxiety sufferers feel paralyzed.

How Meditation Gets Us Off The Anxiety Hamster Wheel

Natural Anxiety Relief Using Mindfulness

What’s the best way to quiet the overactive mind?

Meditation. By taking a permanent meditative breather from the "hamster wheel" of anxiety, you no longer burn through precious resources or waste valuable energy on unproductive fear-based thoughts.

What does this mean, exactly? No more negative "what-if" scenarios, no more "next-turn" catastrophes, no more "doom and gloom" waiting around every corner, the meditative mindset is a beautiful thing.

Instead of rehearsing yesterday’s tragedies and borrowing tomorrow’s troubles, meditation's present moment focus puts an abrupt end to happiness-robbing, nerve-fraying mental time travel.

How Meditation Quiets The Mind

Why Mindfulness Helps Mental Disorders

When you no longer buy into your fears and worries, when you no longer overthink the past, when you no longer worry endlessly about the future — you get to experience the intoxicating silence between each thought.

In this way, meditation allows the mind to finally experience itself in its truest, purest, most natural state — that of stillness.

Make every moment your best moment, discover meditation.

Relieving Anxiety: Meditation Neutralizes Thought Polarity

Why The Anxious Mind Is Afraid Of Itself

Signs Of Anxiety: What Causes Anxiety

We live in a polarized society that likes to slap a label on everything — black or white, rich or poor, Democrat or Republican, religious or atheist, you get the idea.

Likewise, humans tend to slap labels on their thoughts. This is a "good" thought, that is a "bad" thought, I "should" think this, I "shouldn’t" think that, etc.

When we begin to fight with our "bad" thoughts, when we become afraid of certain kinds of thinking, this only brings about more of the same. As the legendary Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung once said, "What you resist, persists."

Like a river current, the tumultuous, "afraid-of-itself" mind can take your health and happiness downstream, against your will, into hostile territory. This incredible force of nature can make us feel totally powerless.

Luckily, mindfulness is the very best way to reclaim your castle, no matter how long it has been under the cruel, authoritative reign of anxiety.

How Meditation Makes The Mind Fearless

Mindfulness Cures Mental Disorders

How does it work? When a random thought appears, mindfulness trains the mind to simply view it as a thought. Neither good nor bad. Just a thought.

For example, "I am such a failure. My boss is going to fire me. My life is over if I lose my job."

The higher minded meditator would instead think, "Oh, there’s that thought again. I have had it before, I have been here before. Thoughts come and go, this one is not special."

Meditation's true power resides not in any kind of "unnautural" or "forced" positive thinking, but in its ability to help you "let go" of thoughts.

Why Meditation Builds Your Mindful Muscle

Curing All Types Of Anxiety

Instead of buying-in, getting frazzled, or having a knee-jerk reaction to the array of silliness, craziness, and scariness that enters the human mind, meditation teaches you that no one thought deserves your undivided attention.

There is never a need to chase the rabbit down his never-ending hole. Thoughts come and thoughts go, like waves crashing upon the shore.

By building your mindful muscle, meditation allows you to understand, at the very deepest levels, how your thoughts, emotions, and mind intertwine.

This fundamental transformation keeps fear and worry permanently at bay.

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Feel The Power Of Deep Meditation.
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