How Meditation Balances The Brain Hemispheres, Boosts Creativity

The "Balanced" Corpus Callosum — How Meditation Boosts Creativity, Brain Power

Left Brain Versus Right Brain: The Great Debate

How meditation trains and balances your brain

Your brain has two hemispheres, left and right.

According to Dr. Roger Sperry's Nobel Prize winning "split-brain" studies, like a dominant hand, most of us heavily favor one side of our brain.

"Each hemisphere is a conscious system in its own right, perceiving, thinking, remembering, reasoning, willing, and emoting, all at a characteristically human level," said the great neuroscientist.

Dr. Sperry's model suggests that left-brained people are generally more logical, practical, and analytical, often better at math and science. Right-brained people are generally more imaginative, intuitive, and sensual, often excelling at philosophy and the arts.

While a great deal of Dr Sperry's "left brain / right brain" research still holds true today, certain parts of his model have been updated over the last 40 years. For example, neuroscientists have recently learned that highly creative people are actually "whole brain" thinkers rather than just "right brain" thinkers. However, his "imbalanced" brain findings have stood the test of time. That's the focus here.

The many benefits of balancing your left and right brain hemispheres through neuroplasticity

How To Balance Your Brain

Like a tennis player with one big, strong, and coordinated arm and one scrawny, weak, and uncoordinated arm — because our dominant brain hemisphere gets so much action, most of us have "over-strengthened" one side of our noggin while "neglecting" the other.

"Then, what about people like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Steve jobs, where do they fit into this so called "left brain, right brain" paradigm?"

Brain imaging studies have shown that highly successful, massively creative people use both brain halves in a much more balanced and integrated way than the rest of us. After his brain was posthumously examined, Einstein was found to be in this category.

"I want to make my brain highly connected, balanced, and working "in-sync" like these super humans. Is this possible?"

Yes! Through meditation!

How to exercise, change, and balance your brain through neuroplasticity

Meditation Balances The Brain, Brings Big Benefits

A 2012 UCLA School of Medicine study found that the "corpus callosum," the grand central station-like cable of nerves cross-linking the brain hemispheres, was remarkably stronger, thicker, and more well connected in meditation practitioners.

For those of us looking to maximize our potential, what does this monumental neuroplastic "healthy brain" discovery mean?

By constructing a "hyper-connected," "ultra-efficient" bridge between our brain halves, meditation puts an abrupt end to our "Neuro-Cold-War," integrating our "east" and "west" brain hemispheres after a lifetime of separation.

Harmonizing both brain hemispheres opens the door to a smorgasbord of benefits, with better focus, deeper thought, super creativity, excellent mental health, enhanced memory, and clearer thinking just the start.

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