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Meditation & Alpha, Theta, & Delta Brainwave Benefits – EOC Institute

Meditation & Alpha, Theta, & Delta Brainwave Benefits

How Meditation Cancels Out Anxious Brainwaves

Relieving Nerve Disorders With Meditation

Day and night, your entire brain fires electrical signals which combine to form a highly unique "fingerprint" called a "brainwave pattern."

Your whole essence as a living, breathing human being, from your biological makeup to your thoughts, moods, and emotions (especially anxiety) can be directly measured within your brainwave patterns.

If you easily feel the jitters of anxiety, then your brain is likely firing fearful, worrisome "beta" brainwaves (13 – 40 Hz) left and right, way more than the average person.

What if it was possible to upgrade your anxious beta brainwaves to the happiest and healthiest states: Alpha, Theta, and Delta? You can, through meditation!

How Meditation Harnesses Your Cool & Calm Brainwaves

Incredibly simplified, we have outlined a few of the brainwave benefits of meditation here:

How To Naturally Manage Anxiety Using Mindful Meditation

Alpha Brainwaves (7 – 13 Hz) — Will help you quiet your mind, boost your creativity, achieve deep relaxation, increase your happiness, instill self-confidence, and much more.

Theta Brainwaves (4 – 7 Hz) — Bring out your emotional intelligence, allow access to your ultra powerful deep mind, make you feel inspired, deepen your intuition, make you feel more open and connected, and much more.

Delta Brainwaves (0 – 4 Hz) — Magnify your awareness, slow aging, boost longevity, give you great sleep, restore your health, tap into your deepest level of consciousness, and much more.

As you can see, by tapping into these powerful states of consciousness, meditation’s Alpha, Theta, & Delta brainwaves open up a whole world of benefits far beyond having nerves of steel.

(Note: EquiSync® sound technology quickly, safely, and easily guides your brainwaves into these amazing states! Learn more here.)

Feel The Power Of Deep Meditation. Discover EquiSync®
Feel The Power Of Deep Meditation.
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