How Mindful Meditation Tames The Anxious “Monkey Mind”

How Mindful Meditation Tames The Anxiety-Ridden "Monkey Mind"

What Is The "Monkey Mind"?

Mindfulness For Permanent Anxiety Relief

It has been said that the human mind is like a room full of drunk monkeys — jumping around, chattering endlessly, carrying on all day and all night.

Of the dozens of monkeys clamoring for our attention, the loudest, most powerful voice is their highly influential troop leader — fear.

The fear monkey pulls the alarm constantly, points out every single pothole in our path, makes up an infinite number of "what-if scenarios," while ensuring anxious thoughts always stay at the forefront of our mind.

Can We Fight Or Banish The Monkeys?

Mindfulness For Permanent Anxiety Relief

The problem is, the monkeys are built into the very fabric of consciousness, they are of the essence and nature of the mind. Like the elements, they have always been there and always will.

We cannot banish them from our mind anymore than we can rid carbon or hydrogen from the earth.

Fighting them makes about as much sense as diving headfirst into a sidewalk to cure a cold, or roundhouse kicking a brick wall to eliminate athlete’s foot. The mind monkeys are part of you, they are part of us all.

Simple yet elegant, there is but one solution... They need to be tamed.

How & Why Mindfulness Meditation Tames The Anxious Monkeys

Controlling Anxiety Naturally With Mindfulness

Practicing mindful meditation teaches you to pay attention to your chattering monkeys, to know them, to listen to them, to understand them.

With each session, you become more familiar with how they behave, their habits, their good sides, their bad sides, their triggers, their quirks, what makes them tick.

Like an expert animal trainer, meditation’s face to face interaction with the monkeys will, in time, build a mutually beneficial, trusting relationship.

Once you become their master, they learn to be docile, gentle, and submissive. With enough time, mindful meditation can even make them benevolent, kind, and peaceful.

Taming the mind will make you an infinitely calmer, much happier person, free from the wild shenanigans of fear, worry, and anxiety.

Once your conscious mind is tamed, then the door opens to your most powerful mind layers. What are they and what can they do? Keep reading to find out!

Beneath The Monkeys: Your Uber-Powerful Subconscious & Unconscious Mind Layers

You can use the infographic/ chart below to better understand the various benefits associated with your subconscious/ unconscious mind, and how meditation is the key to harnessing this incredible power.

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