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EquiSync® – Frequently Asked Questions – EOC Institute

EquiSync® – Frequently Asked Questions

EquiSync®: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I see that you recommend EquiSync Classic more for beginners, and EquiSync Deepereum more for advanced users. Could you go into a bit more detail?
I see that older versions of EquiSync Classic are now available. Is the technology as good as the latest version?
Can you explain what you mean by "advanced user"? Can an experienced meditator use EquiSync Classic and/or a new meditator use EquiSync Deepereum (i.e. the opposite of your suggestion)?
I have been practicing meditation very successfully without sound for many years. Why should I use a sound based program (like EquiSync)?
Do you recommend focusing on the sound(s) when using your program? At what volume should I listen to your audio?
What's the best place to start with Deepereum?
Do I need to practice the method of meditation outlined in your material?
Why does the carrier frequency matter? Can certain sounds affect consciousness in very positive ways?
What are brainwaves? How does EquiSync make deep meditation easier? What are the benefits of alpha, theta, and delta waves (i.e. the brainwaves of meditation)?
How much time per day do you recommend?
Does audio quality matter?
How do I know if/when I've achieved a proper state of meditation? How is meditation supposed to "feel"? What is the "mind awake, body asleep" state?
Will EquiSync help me sleep?
How do I choose which EquiSync Classic tracks to use? Is there a set program that I have to follow?
The EquiSync experience is so pleasurable. I'm curious, can you tell me more about what I'm actually hearing (the layers, etc.)?
What are the differences between the individual EquiSync Classic tracks?
I have a habit of losing files. If needed, can I come back to for my EquiSync purchase in the (perhaps distant) future?
Your 60 day 100% money back guarantee sounds great. Is it easy to redeem if necessary?
The benefits of meditation are incredible. Do I need EquiSync to achieve these benefits?
The science behind meditation and brainwave entrainment audio technology is amazing. Where can I learn more?
What kind of headphones do you recommend for EquiSync?
Which meditation level / brainwave should I choose?
Will I always have to use EquiSync to maintain the benefits achieved?
EquiSync highlights a feature I am very interested in: "natural brainwave patterns." Can you tell me a bit more about that?
Can I use EquiSync for reading, writing, art, or creative activities?
When using EquiSync I have a wonderful new sensual awareness, can you tell me about more about that?
Is my credit card information safe?
I'm having problems ordering with my credit card. Suggestions?
Feel The Power Of Deep Meditation. Discover EquiSync®
Feel The Power Of Deep Meditation.
Discover EquiSync®

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