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Building the Prefrontal Cortex With Meditation: Benefits – EOC Institute

Building the Prefrontal Cortex With Meditation: Benefits

How Meditation Strengthens The Anxiety-Relieving Prefrontal Cortex

Where Is The Anxiety Command & Control Center?

How To Control, Reduce, & Cure Chronic Anxiety Using Your Mind

As we evolved from Neanderthals to our present human form, one particular brain region has risen to prominence.

From dark caves to sunlit skyscrapers, from incoherent grunting to the world wide web, from the muddy riverbanks to the far reaches of the solar system — we owe everything to our prefrontal cortex.

Known as the brain’s "thought orchestrator," higher level thinking "CEO," and emotional regulator — the "prefrontal cortex" has been identified as the #1 difference between ancient and modern man.

(That's a pretty lofty claim considering how much better looking, taller, and less hairy we are than our neanderthal brethren!)

And this "king of all brain regions" is incredibly important for anxiety sufferers.

Big Prefrontal Cortex, Little Anxiety

Dealing With And Mastering Mood Disorders Using Mindfulness

A highly cited study published in one of the world’s top medical journals, "The Lancet" (Pascual-Leone et al) — brain-scanned 17 anxiety & depression sufferers. What did they discover?

Kind of like that skinny legged guy at your gym who trains his chest and arms seven days a week, the participants "CEO" left prefrontal cortexes were extraordinarily weak when compared to other parts of the brain.

Scientists know that weakness or abnormality within the prefrontal cortex impairs decision making and brainpower — while opening the floodgates to anxiety and depression.

Imagine if you could upgrade this amazing brain region, and in essence — hack evolution! You can, through meditation!

How Meditation Evolves The Brain Beyond Anxiety

Using Meditation To Master Living With Anxiety

A landmark 2005 study by Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sara Lazar and colleagues showed that the brains of meditators had remarkably more "thickness," "folds," and overall "surface area" in their left prefrontal cortexes — with magnitude directly tied to experience (the more meditation, the stronger the effect).

A study with monumental implications, meditation is now seen by many within the neuroscientific and psychological research communities as the "holy grail" for a variety of mental health issues, especially anxiety and depression.

Is there any wonder why doctors find meditators’ to be the smartest, happiest, and healthiest folks, time and time again?

Traditional meditators have been anxiety-free, happy people for countless centuries, now confirmed by modern science.

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Feel The Power Of Deep Meditation.
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