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We Are All One: How Meditation Unifies Consciousness – EOC Institute

We Are All One: How Meditation Unifies Consciousness

The Most Important Universal Law: "We Are All One"

Universal Law & Universal Truth

Imagine that we are all simply grains of sand on the beach, each a separate manifestation of the one great whole.

Whether holding grudges or harboring resentment — negative emotions toward your fellow granules pollutes the whole beach.

Is the loneliness, isolation and depression now plaguing our society really such a surprise?

Then, what is the solution? How can we reach a critical mass of higher awareness? Easy, meditation!

Universal Law & Universal Truth

The shift in consciousness achieved through meditation naturally makes you aware of the highest and perhaps most easily forgotten universal law — We Are All One.

Black or white, republican or democrat, religious or atheist, rich or poor. We humans are far more alike than we are different, we all have the same basic needs, wants, and motivations — health, happiness, purpose, and love.

The higher consciousness achieved through meditation helps you remember that we are all in this thing together. If the ship sinks, everyone goes overboard.

Universal Law & Universal Truth

When you start seeing your face in others, a miraculous thing happens. Everyone "else" becomes your "other-self." "They" are actually "you" in another form, on another timeline. No matter your current path, we are all of the source and returning to the source.

Is there any wonder so many of humanity’s greatest people practiced meditation?

Set sail your negativity, remember your divinity, discover meditation. We are all one.

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Feel The Power Of Deep Meditation.
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