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Endorphins: How Meditation Boosts Key Cancer Fighters – EOC Institute

Endorphins: How Meditation Boosts Key Cancer Fighters

Endorphins: How Meditation Taps The Healing Power Of Feeling Good

How Thought Impacts Health

The mind body connection: How mindfulness conquers disease and heals from within

Let's do some simple math. If the human mind generates 70,000+ thoughts per day, this means that we have a new thought quite literally every couple of seconds.

You can think of the mind as a machine gun that fires not blanks, not BBs, and not pellets — but health-penetrating magnum-caliber bullets.

That is, scientists have proven that every single thought has a powerful and direct impact on our cells, tissues, organs, and immune system.

The mind body connection: How meditation helps cancer and boosts immunity

Are you seeing the big picture yet? It's quite simple. Our physical health and state of mind are joined at the hip.

In fact, this revolution has given birth to a whole new field of study.

Deepening our scientific understanding into how our thoughts impact our health, Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) studies the link between the neurological and immune systems.

How Meditation Helps To Run Away From The Big "C"

Endorphins: How meditation can self-heal cancer

Better than any manufactured drug, what if we could self-generate a million dollars worth of cancer fighting chemicals by simply retraining our brain?

To illustrate, "Interleukin-2" is a powerful cancer fighting drug on the market today. Known for stimulating two of the body’s key cancer conquering molecules, interleukin and interferon, a full course costs in the neighborhood of $40,000. Did we mention the nasty side effects?

What else triggers these two cancer warriors? Endorphins. Think back to the last time you felt really, really good. Your system was likely flooded with these same natural internal pain killers.

Known for "runners high," joggers feel endorphins at the end of their workout — which helps to explain their super cancer survival & mortality rates.

How Meditation Activates Your Inner Pharmacy

Endorphins: How mindfulness can self-heal cancer

Running is great, but maybe not for everyone. In terms of boosting endorphins, is there anything that works better? Yes, meditation!

Legendary doctor and world-renowned author, Deepak Chopra M.D., has stated that the meditative mind can, by boosting powerful neurotransmitters (like endorphins) — "make a million dollars worth of Interleukin-2."

A 1995 study (Harte et al) published in the Biological Psychology Journal tested the neurotransmitter release of two groups — 11 elite runners and 12 highly trained meditators — after running and meditation, respectively. What did they find?

While both groups’ endorphin levels were greatly elevated, meditation's "endorphin boosting effect" scored even higher than running!

How Meditation Awakens The Doctor Within

How the mind can achieve spontaneous remission

Countless anecdotal reports and books have been written about people who, after getting a terminal cancer diagnosis and only weeks left to live — achieve spontaneous remission, effectively "overcoming" cancer after beginning a meditation program (or yoga, visualization, etc).

Perhaps meditation's release of feel-good cancer-killing biochemicals contributed?

(Disclaimer: The above mentioned "spontaneous remission" cases are the exception and not the rule. Results will vary from person to person. Please follow your doctor's advice.)

Note: If you are looking for more ways meditation can help cancer, then please see the following links: Gene Expression, Telomeres, & Melatonin.

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