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The Benefits of Opening Your Third Eye in Meditation – EOC Institute

The Benefits of Opening Your Third Eye in Meditation

The Limitless Benefits of Opening Your Third Eye Chakra With Meditation

Benefits Of Opening Third Eye

If you were asked the question, "How many eyes do you have?" and you answered, "Two, of course!" that would be incorrect. You actually have one more, with your third eye being perhaps your most powerful source of knowledge. While we all have a third eye in potentiation, many have one that is simply closed, or as it's commonly called — calcified.

While there are many reasons for a closed third eye (including diet & environment), the most common reason is that we simply don't use it. It lies dormant. The good news? There is a sure-fire way to open our third eye, and it's been the go-to way of doing so for thousands of years. It's called meditation.

Here's a short guide discussing the benefits of an open and activated third eye, and why meditation is the best tool to tap into this infinite source of knowledge.

How does my third eye work?

Benefits Of Opening Third Eye Chakra

Often called the third eye chakra, this vital, pineal gland located higher energy field is how and where we're able to tap into that which we can't see, taste, physically feel, hear, or smell.

Because this powerful "sixth sense" transcends our five most basic human senses, it makes itself known to us in another way. That is, via gut feelings.

In fact, with the growing acceptance of the quantum field theory (that we are all divinely connected to one another), a growing number of scientists believe third eye intuition to be a valid, verifiable phenomenon.

How do I know when my third eye chakra is open and activated?

Benefits Of Third Eye Chakra

Have you ever gotten a feeling that someone you love was in danger, and moments later, got a call to justify your feelings? Have you ever thought of someone seconds before they email or text you?

The proverbial saying, "all you need to know is already contained within," is quite true and (especially!) practical in this day and age. And through meditation, you can harness and develop this ability to an "impossible" level.

Many highly successful people owe, whether knowingly or unknowingly, their fame and fortune to developing and trusting the data received from their activated third eye (making it no coincidence that such a great majority of successful people practice meditation!). Being able to "know the unknown" and "see the unseen" is a valuable superpower indeed.

Third Eye Activation Benefit — #1:
Razor-Sharp Intuition: Harness The Wisdom Within

Opening Your Pineal Gland Chakra With Meditation

Just as it helps you achieve higher states of consciousness, greater self-awareness, deeper emotional mastery, while easily handling the stress of the day, meditation also tunes you into an innate gift that we all share — intuition.

With traditional cultures around the world seeing intuition as man's most important 'sense', third eye meditation has been practiced for centuries.

In the beginning of your meditation practice, you'll realize just how much inner intelligence you already have at your fingertips. And once you start seeing the massive benefits, you'll have all the motivation you need to continue opening and activating your third eye to its' fullest capacity.

Great health? Your third eye intuition knows how to restore. Better relationships? Your third eye intuition knows how to attract. More career and financial success? Your third eye intuition knows the step-by-step process. Knowing and fulfilling your true life purpose? Your third eye intuition knows precisely why you have chosen this life at this time.

How much better would your life be if your inner-infinite-wisdom was available at your beck and call? Luckily, meditation is the very best solution.

Third Eye Meditation Benefit — #2:
Align with the "Law of Attraction," Manifest the Life you Desire

Opening Your Eye Chakra With Meditation

We're all human, and while we all want to live without fear, worry only perpetuates more worry. After all, like attracts like, especially true with our thoughts.

Meditation's true power comes from its ability to change the nature of our thoughts from the root. The result? Less and less worry, anxiety, and negative thinking. And when this baggage is cleared from the mind, what takes its place will be of the highest order, perfectly in-tune with the omnipresent law of attraction.

As your third eye opens-up more and more, your mental, emotional, and physical state will flourish, helping you attract higher level souls into your life — resulting in new and better relationships on all fronts.

As your "meditation activated" third eye makes the path to success as clear as day, you will begin manifesting abundance as naturally as breathing. By opening up to this new dimension, a more conscious, meaningful, and thoughtful life will unfold.

Benefit of an Open Third Eye — #3:
Higher Consciousness - Zero Stress, Anxiety, Worry

Third Eye Meditation

Session after session, meditation naturally shifts your consciousness into higher and higher states, releasing anxiety and worry from each present moment in your life (that means always!).

Your stress-spiraling concerns over how to pay for your looming mortgage, student loan, and credit card bill will soon evaporate. And in its place will be clear and present thoughts on how to be so successful that the pre-meditation version of you seems laughable, a bit like looking back at the person you were in high school. Night and day.

Suddenly, with an open and activated third eye, everything comes into perspective. As life's petty worries go to the wayside — a picture of your true life purpose, and how to fulfill it, becomes clear.

Benefits of an Open Third Eye — #4:
To know what's 'Out There', Look Inwards: Knowing The Best Path

Third Eye Meditation

If you've ever wondered what waits for you 'out there', but you're not quite sure what 'out there' is, know this: it's nothing to be afraid of — fear need not apply.

Any questions you have about your life, like whether or not to start a new career, or what to do about your current relationship, or how to accomplish your biggest goals and dreams, can be answered from the wealth of information contained within, with meditation serving as the best avenue.

By activating your third eye, meditation allows you to see, understand, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the once hidden world, allowing you to optimize and perfect your life using this vast reserve of divine information.

See the unseen, make the impossible...possible. Unlock your infinite potential with meditation.

What are the best frequencies for opening up the third eye / decalcifying the pineal gland?

Some of the most popular and well-known third eye activation frequencies are built right into our EquiSync: Deepereum app, including 963hz, 852hz, 639hz, 528hz, and more. A great place to start is the soundscape selection page here (the free demo tracks have a green unlock icon).

In fact, many of the Deepereum demo soundscapes have these powerful carrier frequencies available for free, including Soundscape #14 (528hz), Soundscape #72 (852hz, 432hz), Soundscape #48 (639hz, 528hz, 432hz), Soundscape #95 (639hz), and many more.

Third Eye Activation Frequencies

You can select the respective carrier frequency from the "Choose Carrier Profile" option. It's the 7th configuration option down the page within the track interface.

Above and beyond these powerful pineal gland activation / decalcification frequencies are many other configuration options, including Meditation Depth (Theta is highly recommended for the third eye), Tone Structure, Brainwave Entrainment Method, and more. EquiSync Deepereum is quite a powerful meditation program!

Which meditation style works best for the third eye?

For opening the third eye chakra, we recommend "mindfulness meditation," which happens to be the most popular and scientifically backed technique. Here is our highly detailed guide on how to practice mindfulness meditation.

What other benefits are available to us through meditation?

Of course, the benefits of meditation go above and beyond opening up our third eye chakra. Check out our 141 benefits of meditation guide. Some relevant articles:

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