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Chi Meditation: How Meditation Supercharges Chi Energy – EOC Institute

Chi Meditation: How Meditation Supercharges Chi Energy

How To Enhance Your Universal Life Force Energy

Chi Energy Flow

Did you know that there is a powerful, unseen life force within you, that flows through you, nourishing every cell and organ in your body — and is critical to your overall health, vitality, and well-being?

And that, when this incredible energy gets disturbed, weakened, or blocked, the affected tissues and organs within your body can restrict their function — adversely affecting your health at best, causing major disease at worst?

It's true. Known by many names in many different cultures, including Chi (Qi) and Prana, this primordial, all-encompassing life force energy pervades not only you — but everyone & everything.

And the more you open yourself up to this source energy / cosmic energy / quantum energy — the better your mind, body, and spirit will be... in every way.

Before we tell you the very best way to enhance your universal life force energy, it's important to understand what to expect:.

Enhanced Universal Life Force Energy: Signs, Symptoms, & Benefits

Then, what's the key to making sure that my chi energy flows freely and naturally?

benefits of chi energy

There are many popular techniques, with Qigong, Tai Chi, and Reiki atop the list.

What do all of these practices and techniques have in common?

Meditation is an integral and essential component!

Practiced for thousands of years, meditation is the key to opening up your chi life force energy floodgates, while clearing & balancing any block along your non-physical & physical body's 12 major meridians.

Meditation is so powerful, in fact, that it works as a standalone method of opening up chi energy. Of course, practicing Qigong, Tai Chi, or Reiki, with a heavy emphasis on the meditative component — may be the highest & best way of getting that universal life force energy to flow freely.

What's The Best Meditation Tool?

Did you know that you can harness the power of sound for super deep states of meditation? EquiSync is designed to put the user's brainwaves into a state of deep meditation, bringing the intended benefits much faster than the traditional route. For life force energy specifically, we recommend EquiSync: Deepereum.

Some of the most popular and well-known life force healing frequencies are built right into our EquiSync: Deepereum app, including 963hz, 852hz, 639hz, 528hz, and more. A great place to start is the soundscape selection page here (the free demo tracks have a green unlock icon).

In fact, many of the Deepereum demo soundscapes have these powerful healing frequencies available for free, including Soundscape #14 (528hz), Soundscape #72 (852hz, 432hz), Soundscape #48 (639hz, 528hz, 432hz), Soundscape #95 (639hz), and many more.

chi energy frequencies

You can select the respective carrier frequency from the "Choose Carrier Profile" option. It's the 7th configuration option down the page within the track interface.

Above and beyond these powerful life force energy frequencies are many other configuration options, including Meditation Depth (Theta Waves are highly recommended for deep meditation), Tone Structure, Brainwave Entrainment Method, and more. EquiSync Deepereum is quite a powerful meditation program!

Feel The Power Of Deep Meditation. Discover EquiSync®
Feel The Power Of Deep Meditation.
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