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Meditation Is the Key to Successful Astral Projection – EOC Institute

Meditation Is the Key to Successful Astral Projection

Astral Projection: The Ultimate Guide
Key Benefits, Techniques, & Tools

Astral Projection For Beginners

Did you know that there are people all over the world who have learned to, at will, project their non-physical body from their physical body?

And with their much lighter and much more capable "astral body" they are able to do mind-blowing things — including traveling to celestial planes of existence and interacting with a vast array of higher dimensional beings?

It's true. Once only practiced by the highly-trained and well-disciplined mind-masters of the world, a growing number of everyday people are learning basic astral projection techniques and becoming very successful in their practice.

Before we tell you the very best way to go from beginner to astral projection mastery, it's important to understand how different your life will be after learning this incredible skill:

Benefits of Astral Projection

    astral projection benefits
  • Consciousness Lives Forever: The "real you" is an immortal soul that has lived many different lifetimes on many different planes of existence. The "real you" lives on long after your current physical form expires. Learning astral projection puts the fear of death in the rearview mirror.
  • You Can Do Just About Anything: The astral plane is 100 times more fun than the physical world. In your astral or etheric form you are much closer to your true essence — a multi-dimensional, divine soul. You can do mind-blowing things without a heavy 3D physical body weighing you down: float, fly to outer space, time travel, visit other worldly dimensions, & much more.
  • Changes Your Life & Perspective: It's often said that having an out of body experience is life changing. Astral projection allows you to have an out of body experience at will! Understanding that your consciousness exists forever really puts things into perspective. This is just one lifetime of many, no need to be living in fear. Life dramas and personal conflicts naturally fall to the wayside. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Knowing this truth helps us to appreciate our current life on a whole new level.
  • how to astral project safely
  • Know Your Purpose & Mission: What's your soul purpose? Generally speaking, people attracted to learning astral travel are advanced souls who volunteered (for this incarnation) to aid in the raising of planetary consciousness at this critical time. Is this you? Are you one of these lightworkers or starseeds? Having the ability to exist in your timeless, non-physical form, if even for a short time, helps you remember what you came here to do. So, what's your mission?
  • Seeing Through The Illusion: Incarnating into a heavy 3D physical body requires you to forget who and what you really are. Astral projection helps you to "pierce the veil" and see through the illusion that is 3D reality. Raising your consciousness in this way is critical as you move along the spiritual awakening / ascension / graduation path.
  • Dramatically Improved Sleep, Healing: The deep, trance-like states of consciousness that go hand in hand with successful astral projection are incredibly beneficial to your nightly sleep cycle. A wonderful world of benefits opens up to the astral traveler: more effective & efficient sleep, more time in the highly beneficial "REM" sleep stage, more delta brainwaves, faster cell regeneration, deeper healing, and much more.
  • astral travel benefits
  • Unlock Your Deep Mind, Subconscious: So essential to astral projection, learning to become more in-tune with your mind and body naturally develops a certain kind of skill and mastery. In this way, awakening your mega-powerful (yet dormant) subconscious and unconscious mind unlocks a wide variety of benefits: creativity, intuition, problem solving, life solutions, success, and more. Your true genius lies within these deep mind layers.
  • Awaken Intuition: It's often said that, before anything happens in the 3D physical world — it first happens in the non-physical world. If time is but a 3D illusion then it's very possible to sense and even foresee events before they happen. Visiting the astral plane, where time does not exist, can make you highly intuitive and even awaken your psychic ability.
  • how to enter the astral plane
  • Meet & Interact With Highly Advanced Beings: Learning to astral travel allows you to meet a wide variety of non-physical entities, including highly evolved souls / ascended masters / angelic beings (who no longer need a 3D physical body), those you knew in previous incarnations, and all types of spiritual guides that are ready to share their knowledge with you / enlighten you / help you ascend. Your timeless, "already ascended" higher self or "oversoul" may even appear to you in the astral realm.
  • Understand Your Soul Progression: Learning to astral travel can help you understand your divine essence on a deeper level, including your reincarnational history and potential parallel lives. Remember, you are NOT visiting source when you astral travel, you ARE source. Spending time in your immortal, non-physical form helps you remember that this one human lifetime is but one tiny chapter in an eternal book. You may even be able to, like a movie, watch your past lives and understand the purpose and mission of your current life — as your soul progresses infinitely onward and upward.

What's The Best Astral Projection Technique?

how to astral travel safely

Practiced by the world's most advanced mind-masters since the beginning of time, meditation multiplies your chance of astral projection success 100 fold.

Some would argue, in fact, that entering the astral plane without meditation — isn't really possible. After all, a trance-like state of consciousness is required to induce the necessary "vibrations" that lead to separating your astral body from your physical body. Meditation is essential!

The only choice the aspiring astral traveler has is which meditation techniques / tools to use in their respective practice.

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