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Cymatics: Harnessing the Sacred Geometry of Sound for Deep Meditation – EOC Institute

Cymatics: Harnessing the Sacred Geometry of Sound for Deep Meditation

Cymatics: The Sacred Geometry of Sound

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." — Nikola Tesla

Cymatics: The Sacred Geometry of Frequency, Sound, Vibration, & Resonance

Have you seen one of the recent viral videos demonstrating the power of "cymatics?"

In case you haven't, a sand covered metal plate and soundboard are the lone ingredients in this simple yet impressive experiment.

And as the experimenter adjusts the frequency (measured in Hz) to certain levels on the audio spectrum, in response, the vibrating sand would "magically" arrange itself into near perfect geometric patterns.

It was the incredible uniqueness and beauty of the "snowflake-like" or "crystalline" patterns (at their respective frequency) that made the experiment so compelling.

While the experiment likely raises more questions than it answers, it does provide some powerfully illustrative evidence to the idea that all sound is (NOT!) created equal.

And that, just perhaps, sounds vibrated at certain frequencies can impact consciousness in very positive ways while opening the door to healing on every level.

EquiSync®: Choosing Carrier Frequencies

nikola tesla frequency meditation

For the purpose of building a sound wave based program for deep meditation, EquiSync® contains frequencies that are most favored among the meditation community, frequencies built upon the most solid mathematical foundation, frequencies that are most well-known for their healing / therapeutic properties, frequencies that are most resonant & congruent with their respective soundscape, and frequencies with the most compelling scientific and anecdotal evidence.

The initial release of EquiSync Deepereum focuses on the most popular tones, including the nine prominent Solfeggio Frequencies (with 528 Hz a key ingredient!), and much of the 432 Hz / 444 Hz scale. There is currently a spectrum of 29 carrier frequency profiles to choose from, with 3-5 options per soundscape.

Generally speaking, if you don't have a preference / haven't researched the potential benefits of a particular frequency, then we recommend simply choosing a carrier profile that is well-known and / or one that sounds the most pleasing to you.

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Feel The Power Of Deep Meditation. Discover EquiSync®
Feel The Power Of Deep Meditation.
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