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Meditation: The Best Remote Viewing Training Technique – EOC Institute

Meditation: The Best Remote Viewing Training Technique

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing Technique

Did you know that you have the ability to go deep within your mind, beyond all five "normal" senses, to do extraordinary things you never thought possible?

And that, one of these amazing abilities, is the ability to "remote view", or witness with your mind’s eye: places, events, objects, and people, at any location, no matter the distance, no matter the time, whether it be past, present, or future?

It's true, once a well-funded program within the US military named the "Stargate Project", remote viewing is an amazingly powerful tool that can be learned by anyone, including you.

Many regular people today are using remote viewing to successfully predict the stock market, solve crimes, predict world events, become more successful, in addition to many other functions.

Is there one thing that an aspiring remote viewer needs, other than a basic course or book from an expert like Ingo Swann? What is the very best training technique to learn how to successfully RV?

Meditation. If you want to learn remote viewing, here are 3 reasons meditation is essential:

The Deep Mind: Remote viewing involves digging deep into the sub-layers of your mind, having meditation experience will multiply your chances of success.

Meditation For Remote Viewing

No Fear: Meditation can get you very close to a fear free existence. By melting all the subconscious mind layered baggage – anxiety, depression, phobias, addiction, fear – and everything else that might be an obstacle before, during, and after remote viewing, meditation puts you in the driver seat of your mind (which also gives you access to countless other benefits outside of RV).

Mind-Mastery: True remote viewing requires a certain mastery of mind, a very necessary ingredient for successful remote viewing, and is unavailable without meditation.

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