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Accessing the Akashic Records: Why Meditation Is Key – EOC Institute

Accessing the Akashic Records: Why Meditation Is Key

Akashic Records: The Ultimate Guide
What They Are & How To Access Them

reading and accessing the akashic meditation

Imagine a vast library stretching out in all directions, as far as the eye can see — one that stores every piece of knowledge that's ever existed.

There have been many great mind masters who have tapped into this wealth of information, best known as the akashic record(s), transforming the world for the better.

Would you like to harness the limitless power contained within the akashic records? Before we tell you the very best way to do this, it's important to understand some basics on how/why it exists:

Within the human body are structures that function independently, but are a vital part of the whole. The heart cannot function without the brain, but the brain also requires the heart to live.

They are a cohesive unit, wholly interdependent and intimately connected to each other.

What Are The Akashic Records?

how to read the akashic record

It's believed by many social theorists, philosophers and even some scientists, that human beings themselves are also a part of a super-organism, where all the separate parts are equally interdependent while also being influenced by the whole, or collective consciousness.

So, what does this mean?

As individuals, we are self-aware co-creators, but also intimately linked to a higher consciousness that connects every living being on the planet. This powerful force lies within everyone, including you.

It permeates everything — recording every thought, feeling, experience, and really, every bit of knowledge that's ever existed! This treasure trove of information is best known as the akashic record.

How To Access The Akashic Records

universal mind

Did you know that it's completely possible for you to access this incredible repository of collective wisdom whenever you like?

Not only can you access it — you are a part of it and can directly influence it!

You are a powerful spiritual being. You have the ability to manifest great things by simply learning how to tap into the universal mind / quantum mind.

How do you work with this energy?

The subconscious & unconscious mind layers act as a gateway to the collective consciousness, where the akashic records exist, and you can learn to access this powerful force through meditation.

Reading The Akashic Record: Key Benefits

akashic record and quantum mind

When you learn to connect with this force you will be able to:

Indeed, meditation is the the very best way to access the universal mind via your subconscious mind.

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