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Are You a Lightworker? Common Symptoms & Traits – EOC Institute

Are You a Lightworker? Common Symptoms & Traits

The Ultimate Lightworker's Guide:
What Is A Lightworker? Basic Role & Function

Lightworker Characteristics

Did you know that there is a massive "conscious awakening" happening on this planet right now? And that, there are a great number of souls from higher planes of existence who have chosen to incarnate here to help with this great awakening of humanity?

Its true, millions of "lightworkers" are on the planet right now assisting with the vital yet natural process of consciousness raising and ascension.

Its very possible that you are a lightworker. After all, there are no coincidences. You have been attracted to these words for a reason.

Before we tell you the secret tool to nourish the consciousness of any lightworker, it is important to understand some basic signs:

Test: Are You A Lightworker? 13 Fundamental Symptoms / Traits:

Do you or anyone you know fit the following lightworker characteristics?

1. You often feel very different from others, and often misunderstood.
2. You have a great sense of a "higher purpose."
3. You are a natural helper, have a problem telling people "no."
4. You have high levels of empathy, readily feeling the emotions of others.
5. You often attract "hurt" people into your life, giving and giving while expecting nothing in return.
6. You feel "not of this world," with a strong desire to "go home," though not on this planet.
7. You are drawn to natural foods, often can be vegan or vegetarian.
8. You have very little interest in mainstream topics such as: fashion, sports, celebrities, etc.
9. You are naturally very kind, even when not reciprocated.
10. You are attracted to careers that help others. Meditation For Lightworkers 11. You love nature, plants, & animals.
12. You are generally not afraid of death or dying.
13. You aren't religious, but have a strong sense and understanding of spirituality.

Sound like you? Identify with more than half of these traits? If so, it is highly likely that you are a lightworker. It is incredibly important to nourish, cultivate, and develop your special abilities so that you can fulfill your mission & life purpose. After all, the world really needs you!

What Is The Most Important Thing A Lightworker Needs To Maximize His/Her Potential?

Meditation. The best way to achieve divine source reconnection while in human form, meditation is the key for any lightworker to spread their powerful wings.

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