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How Meditation Increases Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – EOC Institute

How Meditation Increases Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Meditation And Emotional Intelligence

Did you know that more and more scientists believe Emotional Intelligence (EQ), not IQ, is the most important factor in determining a persons success?

Before we tell you the secret to raising your emotional intelligence levels, it is important to gauge your current EQ:

• Do you keep your cool and stay calm in stressful situations?
• Are you caring, compassionate, and considerate?
• Do you make great decisions?
• Are you a good listener?
• Is your intuition well developed?
• Are you flexible and adaptable in most situations?
• Can you read the emotions of other people easily?
• Can you positively influence people?
• Do you rarely give in to your urges?
• Are you generally optimistic and happy?

Meditation Emotional Intelligence

Answer “no” to many of the questions? It's ok if you did, as most people do not have high levels of emotional intelligence. The good news is, your EQ is not set in stone.

What is the secret to increasing my emotional intelligence?

Meditation. There are so many ways meditation can increase your EQ, here are three:

#1 — Meditation helps you become aware of and detach from negative thoughts

One thing a meditator learns is to simply witness and observe their own thoughts, without letting them create a whirlpool of anxiety. For example, the memory of a troubled past relationship might enter your consciousness, but instead of letting it take you on an emotional rollercoaster, you simply let the thought go, while staying in the present moment. This mindset helps you stay calm and balanced, and is integral to a high EQ.

#2 — Meditation helps you read the emotions of other people

As meditation helps to increase self understanding, your awareness of other people’s vibes, energy, facial expressions, and body language becomes much more tuned. There are a few highly successful poker players (who often have advanced emotional intelligence) who attribute their success to meditation.

#3 — Meditation melts away anxiety, depression, & all other emotional baggage

When interacting with people, it's important to stay clear headed, never responding in a knee jerk or otherwise regrettable manner. Once meditation renews your thought processes, you will have super-high levels of self discipline, an overall broader perspective, an immunity to stress, higher reasoning skills, and well-tuned problem solving capabilities. The result? Super EQ.

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