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How Meditation Increases Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – EOC Institute

How Meditation Increases Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

How the power of neuroplasticity can improve your emotional intelligence

Did you know that an increasing number of scientists believe that, rather than IQ, it's actually Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that's the most important factor in determining your success in life? It's true.

Before we tell you the secret to increasing your emotional intelligence, it's important to measure your current EQ with a quick and easy 10 question test:

• Do you keep your cool and stay calm in stressful situations?
• Are you caring, compassionate, and considerate?
• Do you make great decisions?
• Are you a good listener?
• Is your intuition well developed?
• Are you flexible and adaptable in most situations?
• Can you easily read the emotions of other people?
• Are you good at positively influencing people?
• Do you rarely give in to your urges?
• Are you generally optimistic and happy?

Answer "no" to many of the questions? It's ok if you did, as high emotional intelligence is a rare superpower these days. The good news is that your EQ is not set in stone.

Then, what's the best way of increasing emotional intelligence?

Meditation. There are so many ways meditation can increase your EQ, here are three:

#1 — Meditation makes you aware of your mind on the deepest level

Why EQ is better than IQ and how to become more successful through meditation

One thing a meditator learns is to simply witness and observe their thoughts (from a distance) without letting the mind spiral out of control. For example, the memory of a troubled past relationship might enter into your consciousness, but instead of letting it take you on an emotional rollercoaster, you simply let the thought go.

This "taking a step back" from the mind keeps you cool, calm, & collected in all situations. Added up, meditation's massive "mind mastery" benefits contribute greatly to high emotional intelligence (EQ).

#2 — Meditation helps you read the emotions of other people

As meditation boosts your self awareness and ability to stay in the present moment, your recognition of other people’s vibes, energy, facial expressions, and body language becomes much more in-tune.

In fact, in a game where a high EQ can make you a high roller, a number of top poker players have attributed their success to meditation. With better social skills a natural by-product, meditation has a powerful way of making people highly empathic.

#3 — Meditation melts away all emotional baggage

Why emotional intelligence is the secret to success and how meditation cranks it up

While we all lose our cool from time to time, perhaps the most telltale sign of so called "low EQ" would be a frequent loss of emotional control. Usually displayed in the form of angry outbursts, severe anxiety, panic attacks, and so forth — these types of charged emotional responses don't occur in a vaccum.

Whether you have unresolved childhood traumas or just a crazy amount of stress in your life, these types of issues have a way of building & intensifying deep under the surface of your conscious mind. Luckily, there is a powerful way to dramatically clear out your subconscious mind and all of the pent-up emotional baggage contained therein. It's called meditation.

Once meditation cleans out the old subconscious clutter and dramatically upgrades how your mind handles the 70,000 thoughts per day that it typically has to deal with, the door opens to an array of incredible benefits. Like what? How about ridiculous levels of motivation, self-regulation, & self-control, an advanced ability to solve problems creatively, razor-sharp focus, and a bulletproof immunity to stress. The result? Super EQ.

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