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How To Spiritually Awaken? Meditation. Top Signs & Symptoms – EOC Institute

How To Spiritually Awaken? Meditation. Top Signs & Symptoms

Spiritual Awakening & Ascension

Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

Are you longing for more than a life of unfulfilling work, excessive screen-time, and material possession accumulation? If so, you aren't the only one, as more and more people understand the many illusions within our limited reality, certain very necessary inner transformations are happening to people all over the planet.

Are you one of these people? Are you unsatisfied with your current life and/or the outside world?

It's quite possible that you are now undergoing, or might soon undergo a "spiritual awakening"? Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, once your transformation to a higher level of consciousness is complete, likely benefits:

Higher Level of Consciousness: Benefits

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Before we tell you the very best tool during this critical time of transition (which happens to also be the best tool for triggering a SA), it's important to understand the most common signs, symptoms, and stages of a spiritual awakening / ascension:

Are You Awakening & Ascending? Signs & Symptoms

Spiritual Awakening Test
  • Letting go of once tightly held beliefs and views.
  • Zoning out for extended periods of time, feeling "spaced" out.
  • Sensitivity to negative people and events, especially the news.
  • Feelings of "tingling" electrical-like energy running through parts of the body.
  • Having more meaningful dreams, being able to decipher dreamstate imagery and messages.
  • Becoming aware of and seeing the meaning behind "synchronicities", the seemingly unrelated events & signs we see & experience (but mostly ignore).
  • Wishing to break away from blind conformity, outdated institutions, unnecessary customs, & the overall status quo.
  • Unexplained changes in appetite & eating habits and / or weight loss. May sometimes look younger.
  • Wishing to spend more time in nature.
  • Spontaneous healing of long held ailments.
  • Changes in what you read, do with your spare time, or watch on TV (even cutting the cord altogether).
  • Greater awareness of yourself and the outside world.
  • A greater sense of inner peace and interconnectedness, with intermittent periods of emotional upheaval.
Benefits Of Spiritual Awakening

Note: This is not a test, it's perfectly natural and normal to experience just a few of these signs and symptoms. Not every stage must be "passed" for a true spiritual awakening, we are all different.

However, once you have dramatically raised your vibration and unleashed your divine level of consciousness, once this whole process is in the books — your life will be 100% revolutionized, with countless benefits seen on all fronts.

How To Spiritually Awaken & Ascend

Then, what's the secret? How do we initiate and fully "achieve" a spiritual awakening?

Meditation. The only way to train/upgrade the body to absorb the massive influx of scientifically proven quantum energy present during a spiritual awakening (especially at this time on the planet), meditation is the number one tool before, during, and after this wonderful process.

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