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How Meditation Helps Digestion, Gastric Problems – EOC Institute

How Meditation Helps Digestion, Gastric Problems

How Meditation Helps With Digestion

Meditation For Digestion

When asking someone what they're looking to get out of their meditation practice, you might expect them to say something like "spiritual awareness" or "inner peace." While true, the benefits don't stop there. For instance, did you know that meditation can dramatically improve common digestive problems like cramps, bloating, and gas? Here are a few reasons why:

Meditation Deactivates "Fight or Flight" Stress Mode.

When we're stressed and anxious, our body shifts into "fight or flight" mode. With our system flooded with stress hormones (like cortisol), everyday bodily processes take a backseat to basic survival. Perhaps the most affected of all - the digestive system. Fight or flight cortisol can wreak havoc on our gut leading to a slew of gastric problems - including inflammation, acid reflux, ulcers, and even food allergies. Not good.

Meditation For Digestion

Meditation's mind benefits go far beyond simply making us feel calm. By taking us out of fight or flight stress mode, meditation helps us achieve a level of relaxation so deep that everything improves on a massive scale, including our gut health. Naturally, our digestive system is designed for optimum performance only when we're calm and relaxed.

Meditation Improves Digestive Efficiency.

As a practice combining both deep breathing and heightened mental focus, meditation opens the door to an array of wonderful benefits, some more apparent than others. A couple less obvious benefits of the ancient mind practice: better blood oxygen levels and better blood circulation. What are the implications?

With highly oxygenated blood circulating more readily throughout the body, the digestive system, as a whole, is upgraded immensely (the lining of the stomach and intestines especially). Even better, our nutrient transport system is directly tied to how much we meditate (i.e. becoming more and more efficent with each session), offering both a short term and long term solution to whatever stomach problems we may be dealing with.

Meditation Transforms our Dietary Mindset.

Meditation For Digestion

Are your digestive issues rooted in poor diet and/or overeating? The truth is, to cope with life, many of us like to reach for the fork and spoon. Whether it's the big hit of dopamine we get from an extra sweet dessert or the temporary "filling up my empty life" fullness we feel from a Thanksgiving sized meal, food can be both an emotional and physical drug. Luckily there's meditation.

Instead of pushing down our unresolved emotional conflicts, meditation offers us the perfect medium to resolve this dysfunctional deep down buried "stuff." When we melt away our anxiety and depression, session by session and layer by layer, breaking the vicious overeating / poor food choice cycle comes naturally.

In the end, meditation opens the door to a kind of mental and emotional balance where we no longer feel the need to stuff ourselves to feel "whole," where we nourish ourselves with nutritious food that matches our high consciousness, and where we are happy to just be in the present moment. Healthy mind, healthy body - the old saying holds so much truth.

If you want your digestive system to perform at the highest level, then give meditation a try.

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