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Gnostic Meditation Helps Unlock Inner Wisdom And Peace – EOC Institute

Gnostic Meditation Helps Unlock Inner Wisdom And Peace

Gnostic meditation is a great way of unlocking inner wisdom, and opening up a window of inner peace through quiet contemplation and reflection. Indeed, the term ‘Gnostic’ is actually derived from the Greek word for ‘knowledge’. Practicing Gnostic meditation helps to ensure a healthy balance between your spiritual, emotional and physical beings, and is also a fantastic way of relieving the stress and worries that we all face during our daily lives.

Gnostic meditation, and Gnostic beliefs are closely associated with Christianity, indeed it is commonly thought that Gnosticism is a branch of Christianity. However there have been several studies which seem to reveal that Gnostic groups may have formed in the area around the Middle East as early as 100 BC, predating the birth of Christ by a century. The Gnostic movement has since moved across the areas surrounding the Mediterranean before finally traveling to Europe and the United States of America.

Gnosticism is based on the belief that everything that exists was created by one ‘God’ who split into two beings, the second of which contained two opposing forces within it. This process continued which resulted in the creation of ‘Jesus’ and ‘Sophia’. ‘Sophia’ emanated and created an imperfect figure that did not contain two forces, and this figure is known as ‘Demiurge’ (sometimes comparable to the devil or ‘Satan’). This being then went on to create the imperfect, material world that we live in today.

Gnostics believe that each one of us is a divine being, or divine soul, who is trapped inside this materialistic world. Gnostic meditation aims to remind us of our true origins, and therefore help us to escape from our modern existence that so heavily relies on material objects and material wealth. Many of those who practice Gnostic meditation also believe that humanity will eventually be rescued by a savior.

As you can see, there are a lot of similarities between Gnosticism and Christianity, so it is easy to understand how the two could become so closely associated with each other, even though they are actually different beliefs. Another important thing to bear in mind is that Gnostic meditation is not strictly a religious practice, instead it is more concerned with gaining inner knowledge and wisdom, and therefore religious practices from around the world can be perfumed alongside the meditation.

A lot of people seem to view Gnostic meditation as something that is only practiced by people belonging to some kind of secret religion. This could not be further from the truth. The simple fact is that Gnostic meditation is a technique that can be used by anyone. You do not need to come from a specific cultural background or subscribe to a specific religion in order to benefit from Gnostic meditation. The only thing you need to do is to be willing to leave your ego behind as you venture onwards in to your spiritual journey. By practicing Gnostic meditation, you will realize that we are all one and the same; we are all connected regardless of our race or beliefs.

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