How Meditation Increases Circulation And Slows Heart Rate

Using Meditation To Lower Heart Rate And Improve Circulation

141 Benefits of Meditation 
#79 – How Meditation Increases Circulation And Slows Heart Rate

When conventional medicine cannot help much in improving circulation and reducing a person’s heart rate, many turn to holistic healing practices such as meditation.

It is quite a curiosity that people resort to meditation as a last option when meditation has already been practiced for thousands of years, with its limitless benefits being understood by all who have done any research.

Meditation allows you to alter the physiological functions of your body by targeting the specific parts of the brain that allow you to achieve a state of deep relaxation and calmness, making your heart pump more slowly and steadily.

Imagine yourself huffing and puffing after running, your heart pumps more blood because your brain and body need more oxygen. When you are anxious, stressed, or scared, your heart pumps faster trying to deliver oxygen to the bodily organs. Meditation reduces your heart rate while dramatically improving circulation efficiency.

The effects of meditation last long after its over. When your brain and entire circulatory system are in good condition, your body easily copes with the daily stresses of life. Your heart pumps easier and significantly reduces the possibility of it overworking, making you less likely to be stressed and fatigued.

Think of your circulatory system as the transportation system of your body. Imagine your veins as the roads that make movement possible, the cars are the blood which bring oxygen and nutrients to your lungs, heart, kidney, and other organs.

With meditation helping you out in improving the traffic of these vehicles, you will have little problems with your health because all of these nutrients are delivered at the right time, to the right destination.

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