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How Meditation Helps You Talk & Listen to God – EOC Institute

How Meditation Helps You Talk & Listen to God

How To Talk & Listen To God:
Why Meditation Is The Key To Strengthening Your Relationship With God

listen to God

If prayer is the best way to talk to God, then what is the best way to listen to God?

Meditation. Its true, no matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs, people around the world unanimously agree that meditation is the key to connecting deeply with God (yes, even better than prayer!).

Before we tell you the secret to reaching deep levels of meditation, here are 3 reasons meditation is the #1 tool to connect with God on your spiritual journey:

Meditation strengthens your relationship with God by purifying and cleansing the mind.

relationship with God

Many people find that their past mistakes and human failures hinder their connection with God.

Meditation can help you accept personal mistakes and offer forgiveness (of both yourself and others), effectively removing these guilt blockages and spiritual limitations, enabling love to move freely and abundantly.

By removing the cares, worries and stresses of life during meditation, the doorway is opened to receive guidance from God.

Via powerful inner transformation, meditation allows easy access to deep spiritual truths.

How to talk to God

By slowing down the mind, reducing stress, easing anxiety and shrinking fear, you become free to explore deeper realms of truth, realms that are inaccessible unless you have reached a certain level of mind-mastery.

Meditation is the only way to reach these advanced levels of inner reflection and mastery of mind. Who knows, with meditation, you might even reach Enlightenment!

Meditation is the best way to listen to God.

Do you need higher guidance? Do you need divine answers? Simple solution, receive God’s messages in meditation.

While prayer may be the best way to talk to God, the key to listening to God is in meditation. As we all know, a good listener is far more valuable than a good talker. Be a good listener!

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