Love Yourself First: Only Then You Can Find Love: Meditation

Meditation To Find Love

There’s nothing better than finding that perfect somebody – the man or woman of our dreams that lifts us up when we are feeling down, makes us feel unconditionally loved, and serve as essentially, our ‘better half’. But what happens when, despite their best efforts, they fall short of continually to produce that loving feeling for us? What happens if their love goes away, or is given to someone else? How do we continue feeling love when it’s dependent on someone else?

The truth is, no one can ‘take away’ the love you have inside.

For Anyone Needing More Joy in Their Life…

Meditation, which is the practice of quieting the mind, detaching from the Ego, and simply ‘being’ with yourself for the answers you seek in a conscious state of mind, offers you an unlimited abundance of love. Don’t chase him/her and beg them to love you as they once did. All the love, acceptance and unconditional peace you need is right here, within you. Luckily, all it takes is a quiet mind, deep breathing and some patience throughout the process.

Whether you’re single or in a new relationship; married or divorced, most of our mind’s energy and time is spent thinking, obsessing and worrying over the state of our relationships. It could be work relationships, intimate relationships, or even that one special relationship we want to have, but currently don’t. Here’s the good news: When you learn to love yourself, and feel the love that already exists within you through meditation, you’ll stop trying to seek it in the outer world. You won’t have to chase anything. Instead, it will come to you.

Opening Up Your Heart Begins With a Meditative Practice

Meditation For Finding Love

Why? Because one of the many benefits of meditation is this – it doesn’t just open up higher states of consciousness to you and for you. It opens up your heart. In other words, when we take the time to meditate for even just a few minutes a day, and hold it as just as much of a priority as we do for brushing our teeth or getting a good night’s sleep, our perspective shifts. We start our day treating ourselves with love, instead of putting our needs aside. And, years of clinical studies have shown that both beginning and experienced meditators have found that the sole act of meditating allows that profound, inner voice of your soul and heart speak in a way you can understand.

That language of love, which is found within you (in silence through meditation) gives you the opportunity to stop obsessive thoughts, worries, questions about your relationships, and doubts about being worthy of love. Instead, reconnect with the whisperings of your heart and have all the love you need within you. Need more love? Do you want to embrace every part of yourself, but don’t quite know how? Meditate more!

When You Make Meditation a Habit…You Find Love

When you’re able to reconnect with who you truly are at your core, you stop blaming yourself, feel guilt or anger, and stop struggling with self-acceptance. Within your heart, there is only the experience of unconditional self-love, and love for everything and everyone. In our busy, sometimes fear-driven outer world, we learn from others (and perhaps from society as a whole) to question, doubt, and downplay ourselves. We stop embracing who we are, but instead become critical of how we look, and thereby, stop loving how we feel.

When you meditate, you operate at a higher state of consciousness, simply by being present of your body and mind. And when you operate at a higher consciousness, you feel what deep down in your spirit you always feel – joy. Similar to how all of were as children, a meditative state is very much like being a carefree, innocent child. We don’t blame, or fear, or internally criticize how we look. We embrace, accept and find joy in ourselves, just as we are. For just five minutes a day, can you afford not to meditate? Didn’t think so! Give yourself a chance to begin meditating, and soon, just like any other priority in your life, you won’t be able to exist without it.

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