Osho on Mind Power & Why Meditation Is Essential

osho consciousness

Did you know that within our lifetime lived a powerfully charismatic, yet controversial spiritual leader, whose spellbinding teachings laid the groundwork for generations to come?

And that his revolutionary dynamic insights encompassed the whole spectrum of thought, including philosophy, religion, sexuality, spirituality, the mind, & consciousness?

World re-known for his powerful mind, magnetic personality, and engaging yet controversial lectures, Osho has taken his place among the greatest teachers humanity has ever known.

He sounds intriguing! Can you tell me more Osho’s powerful teachings? Is there anything he recommended the average person could do to dramatically change their life?

Meditation. Osho taught that if you want a more fulfilled existence, you need to realize your potential. Osho saw meditation, the science of awareness, as the only real way to realize your potential in this lifetime.

By exploring the inner realms, a certain mind-mastery is attained, an attachment to your higher self that “sets you free” from the bondages of authority, allowing you to do things in your own way, guided only by your own intuition.

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