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Self-Awareness: How Meditation Helps You Know Thyself – EOC Institute

Self-Awareness: How Meditation Helps You Know Thyself

Meditation & Self Awareness

What Is Self-Awareness?

What if you could join some of the world’s most effective, successful, and influential people by developing one super powerful, yet dormant aspect of yourself?

“Self awareness”, in short supply due to our unrelentingly busy world, can revolutionize your life if you learn to harness its limitless power.

Before we tell you the secret to dramatically increasing your self knowledge, it is important to understand the benefits:

• Becoming a great listener, with a genuine interest in other people.
• A super well developed intuition, accurately guiding you through life.
• A naturally caring, compassionate, and considerate emotional set-point.
• The ability to read the emotions of other people easily.
• Great decision making.
• Bulletproof self discipline.
• Being able to positively influence other people.
• An optimistic and positive attitude.
• Advanced emotional intelligence (EQ).
• The ability to keep cool and calm all the time.
• A flexible and adaptive mindset in all situations.

What is self-awareness, and why don’t more people have more of it?

Emotional Intelligence & Self Awareness

In its essence, self awareness is a quiet inner exploration and self reflection – at a time when we live in a noisy, distracted, over stimulated world. All of the technological advancements we have at our disposal – TV, internet, cell phones, etc – all take us away from our true nature: we are physical and spiritual beings, connected to everyone and everything.

What is the secret to increasing my self awareness?

Meditation. The very best way to to re-connect to our true selves while quieting the busy mind chatter, meditation is the key to super self-awareness.

Once we visit the beautiful silence and stillness waiting within our subconscious minds in meditation, your limitless potential can shine through, setting your life path on a whole new trajectory.

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