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Merkaba Meditation: How to Clear Your Field of Energy – EOC Institute

Merkaba Meditation: How to Clear Your Field of Energy

Connect With Your Inner Self Through Merkaba Meditation

Merkaba meditation is a simple, yet powerful meditation technique that can be beneficial to absolutely anyone. Merkaba meditation is based on the belief that the human body is surrounded by energy fields, which take the form of geometric shapes. These energy fields radiate out from the body and spin around at incredibly high speeds. However, for many people these energy fields have slowed down considerably, or come to a complete halt altogether due to their mind, body and spirit becoming polluted by the pressures and strains placed on them by daily life.

If these energy fields are not traveling at the proper speed, a person is unable to fully enjoy the wonders of life and the miracles of the natural world around them. It’s as if they are only half alive, slowly wandering through each day without being able to notice any of the little details that enrich the experience of existence. Merkaba meditation is a way of kick starting these personal energy fields, so that a person can once again become fully alive.

Merkaba meditation consists of 18 standard breathing exercises, with each breath representing a step towards balancing the energy fields. It’s important to fully master each of these exercises before moving on and so it’s not uncommon for someone to spend weeks, or even months only moving through the first few breathing exercises as some people take longer than others to gain the awareness and control they need. As each stage is mastered, the individual will gain more control over the energy fields. It is also believed that Merkaba meditation has a 19th breath that represents the bond between a person’s current self, and their spiritual higher self. This breath is not taught by any instructors; instead it is the higher self that teaches it.

By carefully practicing these specific Merkaba meditation breathing techniques, the meditator is able to create a heightened sense of awareness and focus all of their attention on the energy field surrounding their body. This allows the individual to achieve a spiritual balance, which in turn allows them to connect with their higher being.

When people start to practice Merkaba meditation, they often feel a stronger connection with the living world around them, as well as experiencing an increased feeling of energy. As they practice their Merkaba meditation exercises over the following months they may become used to these feelings, and actually stop noticing them. At this stage many people stop practicing, believing that their energy field is repaired. However, stopping the technique will only lead to the individual falling back into a state of unbalance.

It’s important to realize that Merkaba meditation requires a lot of dedication and self discipline in order to gain the benefits. It can be extremely hard to find the time to meditate, especially as it is so easy to become distracted with family and work commitments. However, by taking the time to practice Merkaba meditation each morning before you start your day, you will find that you gain full control over your energies, enabling you to continue your spiritual and emotional journey through life in a much more positive way.

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