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How Meditation Boosts Studying & Learning – EOC Institute

How Meditation Boosts Studying & Learning

Study Better: The Powerful Connection Between Meditation & Learning

Meditation Learning, And Study Skills

Scientists agree that your brain is a trainable ‘muscle’ that needs daily exercise. Around for millenia, more and more neuroscientific research points to meditation as being the very best brain exercise for learning. By flexing your cerebral cortex every day in meditation, your ability to absorb & understand new information, adapt to any situation, and personally grow in all directions becomes limitless — no matter your age.

If you are a student, meditation for learning is essential to better grades — from paying focused attention during lecture, to having an overall anxiety-free student experience, to increased concentration for amplified study skills. Maybe you work full time and are required to learn a new software system, program in a new language, or take an advanced certification test; meditation will magnify results no matter your life stage.

There really are a limitless number of reasons meditation helps learning, here are 3:

Meditation puts you in the best brainwave state for “super learning”. It is important to understand that, during your daily activities, your brain has a variety of precisely measurable states, from sleep, to working, to exercising, to studying — neuroscience understands this well.

Meditation Learning, And Study Skills

Of importance, meditation boosts Alpha brainwaves, the predominant state for learning, studying, memorizing, and recollecting large sums of information. Can you remember a time when you felt “in the zone” — extremely calm, yet alert, with laser-like focus? You can summon this highly creative, super enhanced learning state at any time, with meditation.

Meditation makes your left and right brain hemispheres work together. Did you know that one side of your brain is more mathematical and scientific (left), while the other half is more creative and intuitive (right)? Most people use one half of their brains more than the other, creating an imbalance. Can you guess which side is dominant for you?

Scientists have found that highly successful people use both brain hemispheres in harmony. The good news? You, too, can achieve “whole brain synchronization”. Scientifically proven to enable this dual activated, well-balanced, highly active brain state, meditation has allowed countless people to transform all aspects of their lives, especially their ability to learn.

Meditation stimulates learning associated brain regions. Two parts of the brain that are highly active during memory storage and recall, the Hippocampus and frontal lobe, are particularly stimulated during meditation. By flexing this part of the brain, meditation multiplies your ability to memorize, store, and recollect large sums of information. Many scientists agree that the implications of this are huge, with meditation being the leader as the very best brain exercise, multiplying study skills across the board.

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