How Meditation Slows Aging: Melatonin & Deep Sleep, Less Stress

Meditation And Aging

141 Benefits of Meditation 
#112 – Meditation slows the aging process.

There is a natural and easy method to turn aging on its heels that few people know about. It is the simple practice of meditation. The medical community is quite aware of the power of meditation to reverse many of the negative aspects of aging. The daily habit of meditation has a potent ability to revitalize the body and has been shown to be much more effective than sleep.

Meditation has been proven to be the fountain of youth in it’s affect on aging in a number of ways, including better digestion and sleep. In addition, medical research has proven that patients who use meditation regularly show increases in the amount of melatonin produced in their bodies. Melatonin is a very beneficial hormone which slows the aging process, energizes the immune system and retards the natural damage to cells characteristic of aging. Melatonin can also help those who are aging get more recuperative sleep, have more energy, and it can even undermine the advance of certain cancers. In every way, the increased production of melatonin due to meditation is a huge benefit to our bodies.

In addition to increasing melatonin levels, meditation slows aging by reducing stress. Stress is a significant cause of aging, because it drags down the immune system, affects digestion and degrades your quality of sleep. Doctors often site stress as just as detrimental to the body as smoking or obesity. Meditation can calm the body, mind and spirit – keeping stress from aging us and wearing us down.

One scientific study on the affects of meditation on aging actually documented that those who had been engaged in meditation for over five years aged much more slowly than those who practice no mediation. In a study using two control groups, meditators’ bodies appeared up to twelve years younger than the bodies of non-meditators.

Even those who were relatively new to meditation are able to slow their aging process, giving the potential for longer, fuller lives. So, why not start meditating today? It is never too late.

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