How Meditation Relieves Chronic Disease

Meditation For Illness

141 Benefits of Meditation 
#60 – How Meditation Relieves Chronic Disease

The most common examples of chronic diseases are arthritis, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and respiratory diseases. Millions of people die from chronic diseases, and they represent 60% of all the deaths in the world.

For most of these diseases, prescription medicines effectively relieve symptoms and control the disease for a period of time. Often, these prescriptions produce unintended side effects, which can be as bad or worse than the disease itself.

For many, this results in a life-long dependency on medicines, not just to counteract disease, but to counteract other medicines. These pills are expensive, unnatural, and bad for our health and environment. There is a much better way to work through disease symptoms and control chronic illness.

Meditation is not a cure, but it helps alleviate pain and reduces the occurrence of chronic diseases.

When you meditate, you erase worry from the mind. When this happens, your parasympathetic nervous system creates a trance-like state, which allows your body to rest in a condition conducive to cell regeneration. As a result, blood flow increases and your heart rate is reduced. In this state, your muscle tension dissolves, your cognitive responses improve, your stamina increases, and you use oxygen more efficiently.

When you meditate, there is a significant achievement of balance in your circulatory system that helps your blood do its work, which is to cleanse the body of pathogens, or things which cause chronic illnesses and autoimmune responses.

With the improved regeneration of cells during meditation, the different parts of the body receive their due share of oxygen, nutrients, and their own units of white blood cells, or immunity cells, to fight off the microorganism which cause chronic disease.

With the human body strengthened day by day in meditation, chronic illness can be controlled, prevented, or maybe even permanently suppressed.

If you suffer from a chronic illness, meditation can help you get your symptoms and your disease under control. If you do not currently suffer an illness, meditation can prevent disease and give you greater health and energy.

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