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Are You an Indigo Child? Common Characteristics, Signs – EOC Institute

Are You an Indigo Child? Common Characteristics, Signs

Are You An Indigo Or Crystal Child/Adult? 9 Question Test

Indigo Child / Adult Test

Are you an indigo child or adult? Perhaps an important person in your life is an indigo? Whatever the case, there is definitely an influx of higher level souls (including crystal children) incarnating on this planet at this time.

Before we tell you the number one tool to nurture indigo children and indigo adults, it is important to understand some of their characteristics. Do you (or the indigo you love) possess these qualities?

1. Old soul qualities, with wisdom far greater than their age.
2. Highly creative - often drawn to writing, art, music, etc.
3. Often have psychic & intuitive abilities.
4. Introverted, unless around other indigo or crystal children.
5. Have a strong calling to make the world a better place.
6. Possess an innate knowledge of better ways to do things, natural “system busters.”
7. Are non-responsive to controlling and/or authority figures.
Indigo & Crystal Children Test 8. Can have a feeling of natural superiority.
9. Loves nature, plants, and animals.

Do you or anyone you know fit these indigo characteristics? If so, it is important to nourish, cultivate, and develop that special person’s abilities.

What Is The Number One Thing An Indigo Child / Adult Needs To Maximize His / Her Potential?

Meditation. The best way to achieve divine source reconnection while in human form, meditation is the key for any indigo child or adult to spread their powerful wings (including crystal children).

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