How Meditation Improves Your Personal Relationships

How Meditation Improves Your Personal Relationships

141 Benefits of Meditation 
#122 – How Meditation Improves Your Personal Relationships

One of the wonderful, yet often unexpected, benefits of meditation is a deep improvement in your personal relationships. A recent study (by Fredrickson, Cohn, Coffey, Pek and Finkel) explicitly states and describes the improvement of close relationships and social support that resulted from the regular practice of meditation.

Not only did the practice produce immediate improvements in those areas of their patient’s lives, but the researchers found that meditation’s benefits compounded over time. The longer their patient’s practiced meditation, the more and more their personal relationships improved.

There are many reasons for these improvements. Meditation revolves around both appreciating the moment, and letting go of the defenses that limit our relationships.

In meditation you are challenged to find the beauty and the love in the moment. Meditation is specifically about appreciating the moment and casting off the worry, troubles and expectations that keep us from feeling truly present.

It’s hard to develop and share an intimate relationship and moment with a friend, a family member or a partner when you are constantly closed off, worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet. Meditation teaches you how to be fully present and appreciative of those moments we share together.

Meditation also provides deep internal clarity. Often our relationships are limited by the walls we erect and the games we play to keep some distance between ourselves and others. In meditation you look deep within yourself, casting off layers of self-delusion and lies, getting to the truth of the matter.

When you meditate you will not only identify the games you play to keep from being vulnerable with others, but you will see the true concerns and causes of hurt that make you feel like you need to create those barriers. This self reflection and deep personal understanding is the first step towards doing away with those barriers and allowing truly loving and intimate relationships to form.

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