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How Meditation Helps You Find Yourself – EOC Institute

How Meditation Helps You Find Yourself

Understanding Yourself With Meditation

The true self is buried deep in the psyche. On the level of daily consciousness, you are not your true self, but a reflection of the greater society: You are restrained from the understanding of your true self by the expectations of others, and by your own fears and doubts. In order to get beyond your idea of yourself and discover who you truly are, you need to go beyond everyday consciousness and into the deeper levels of consciousness available when you focus your mind in meditation.

Meditation is the key component to opening mysteries in your mind, because you withdraw yourself from the external world during meditation, leaving behind the material self and the self’s desires. As you meditate and clear your mind of its useless babbles, you reach a state in which you feel at peace. With peace, comes the end to fears and expectations, and the ability to see yourself as you truly are.

For centuries, meditation has been practiced with the conviction that it will bring a deeper understanding of the self. Another conviction in the practice of meditation is that understanding the true self is the key to understanding the nature of the universe. By unlocking the innermost mystery of who you are, you are free to commune with the ineffable mystery penetrating all existence.

With a short time in meditation each day, you will be able to synchronize your brainwaves, reaching a heightened sense of self-understanding and self-awareness. For dedicated meditators, this experience becomes overpowering and changes the nature of daily experience.

Meditation is the one and only key to understanding your true self and discovering your true nature. When you meditate regularly, you will find that you become happier and healthier, and you will be willing to accept life as it is. As you practice meditation more, you reach deeper parts of yourself with less effort. This will take you to a new phase of understanding that you never before dreamed possible, the benefit of which is absolute peace.

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