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How Meditation Can Help Us Solve Complex Problems – EOC Institute

How Meditation Can Help Us Solve Complex Problems

How To Solve Problems In Life With Meditation

The benefits of meditation extend from improving health, reducing stress and bringing a sense of inner peace to the mind and spirit. Meditation can also help you to solve complex problems.

In life, many are faced with problems or situations that are overwhelming, difficult to solve and carry a great deal of stress, intimidation and fear. The body’s first response to these situations is to release hormones that deal with stress. Some of the most widely known stress hormones include Cortisol, Norepinephrine and Adrenaline. Though these hormones have a purpose, when released for long periods, they have a negative impact on the human body and can cause great pain and discomfort for individuals.

Cortisol affects blood sugar levels, changes your immune system, and slows your digestive system. When under the affects of Cortisol for a long time, your body begins to respond negatively. Your immune system is weakened, your blood sugar increases, your digestion fails to work properly and your sleep is altered. Trying to solve complex problems while in a stressful state is nearly impossible. With meditation you can relax your body and bring your hormones into balance. Your levels of Cortisol, GH, Norepinephrine and Adrenaline return to normal and you can breathe easily, think clearly and tackle any complex problem you are facing with a sound, healthy mind.

Stress brings mental confusion and can affect the emotions in a negative manner. If someone is undergoing a life changing event or crisis and needs to make logical, critical decisions they may find their thinking processes are overcome by the severity of the issue at hand. Meditation can help deal with depression, mental confusion, sadness and sorrow by bringing the body into a state of well being, increasing positive energy and helping you take control of your emotions. It is only then that your mind can think clearly, remain focused and make the effective choices needed to solve complex problems.

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