How Meditation May Help With Infertility

Meditation For Fertility

141 Benefits of Meditation 
#25 – Stress & Pregnancy: How Meditation Helps With Infertility

Infertility can be very traumatic for couples who wish to have a child. Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon problem, with America alone witnessing nearly 10 million infertility cases. While the exact causes of infertility are not known, The American Society for Reproductive Medicine states that extreme stress could impede fertility.

Stress has a dramatic impact on your physical body. Research has established that you’re less likely to get pregnant if you suffer from an acute case of stress. Under stress, your body cuts all but essential bodily functions, and isn’t willing or able to support another life form, a prime reason it can cause miscarriages. If you think acute stress might be the cause of your infertility, it is important that you do something about it.

There is one form of stress relief which immediately and naturally lowers stress levels. Meditation, practiced regularly, visibly reduces the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone in the body, and increases hormones such as oxytocin and melatonin, responsible for rest, relaxation, loving emotions, and feelings of trust.

Meditation can reverse the impacts stress has on your body and your fertility. Meditation can also help you prepare yourself mentally and physically for pregnancy and parenthood. It teaches patience, helps you get in touch with yourself as the creator of your baby, and teaches you to relinquish control of your body over to nature.

In this way, meditation can remove mental and spiritual barriers to pregnancy and help you ease your fears about pregnancy, parenting, or the birthing process.

Becoming a parent is a beautiful experience. If you have stress, fears, or other barriers, let meditation bring you back to unity and help you relax. With meditation, you can open yourself to the miracle of parenthood, releasing your fears and worries, and participate consciously in the making of a new life.

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