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Meditation, Manifestation, & the Law of Attraction – EOC Institute

Meditation, Manifestation, & the Law of Attraction

Meditation and Manifestation

Meditation, Law of Attraction, & Manifesting

Are the events, opportunities and people in your life surpassing your expectations, or not quite good enough?

There are many ingredients that contribute to a happy life. It’s an even balance of work and play, of close friendships, and intimate relationships; the financial freedom to do the things we love to do, live in a house big enough for our needs, take time to smell the flowers, and be healthy, with enough energy and tenacity to take us through life, and with the people we love – and who love us back.

But what if that’s not enough? What if your own happiness means wanting to have something that you don’t currently have? For some, a fulfilled life may mean having enough money to travel to exotic places, or to meet a partner they can spend the rest of their life with. For others, it may mean becoming a parent, being connected to their spirituality, or making a living by utilizing their passion for mural painting, or owning their own business instead of working in the corporate world.

Eliminate Negative for Positive, and Always ‘Have Enough’. Whatever you don’t have in your life, that you daydream about having, consider this: attract anything to you by a powerful meditation for manifesting your dream life – one thought at a time. Similar to the law of attraction, the practice of manifestation works like this: good thoughts will attract more good thoughts, and those good thoughts become those things you want so desperately to materialize!

It doesn’t matter what you currently have now – if you don’t have ‘enough’ – enough money in the bank, enough friendships in your life, enough beautiful clothes hanging in your closet, enough opportunity to travel or meet new people – because the Universe responds to the thoughts we send out.

The Golden Rule of Manifesting: Dream It, and It Will Come. Having a mentality of ‘not having enough’ tells the Universe, “Great. We’ll just give you more.” That’s because focusing on the negative of what you don’t have, through jealousy, anger, or resentment – acts like a magnet for receiving more of that stuff. Instead, manifest what you do want by acting as if you already have it.

Do you dream about having a beautiful, new car that never breaks down, or the means to travel to Indonesia, or to be part of a loving, intimate relationship? Let your mind create it for you by projecting positive, affirming thoughts of those very things you want more than anything.

Not quite sure it works? Then think about this – The Universe does not know the difference between past, present and future. So, by merely sending out thoughts of that sports car, that vacation or that relationship that you want to have in your life, the Universe will deliver to you and for you.

It may seem like an unnatural process at first, and if you’re new to this, a meditation for manifesting may help. Whether you feel stuck in a dead end job, are plagued with a chronic sickness, routinely get involved with co-dependent partners, or have simply lost sight of what makes you happy in life, a meditation for manifesting your biggest dreams and overcome challenges is one of the best way to gain control of your life – whatever it’s lacking in order to reach true happiness, contentment and joy.

Meditation for Manifesting: It’s in the Mirror. Begin breathing in and out, for three breaths. Breathe in good health, abundance, and love, while your breath out fear, stress and doubt. For this moment, feel every bone, muscle and cell in your body that you’re safe. Imagine scanning your body up and down, and release all negativity, or tense energy.

Let go, and know that you have total control in letting go anytime you need to. Imagine your blood flowing easier than before, and the oxygen freeing to every part of your body, so that your body is working better, more peacefully than ever before. Relax your neck, your jaw, your cheeks, your back, and continue this all the way down to your toes.

Now go to a peaceful garden, a place you can enjoy and let go. Enjoy the sounds of this place you created. Feel the sun, and the gentle wind, the flowers in your garden. Sit down on a comfortable bench, and out in front of you, enjoy the fragrant, vibrant flowers. Now, in front of you, imagine a mirror. Notice all of the details of this mirror, and look at yourself as you are now – just as you appear today. Now, think of something that you would like to have in your life, and imagine it appear before you.

Manifestation Meditation Do you see it? Take a good look at it in the mirror. Now, fast forward just a little bit, so that you can see that you have it. Feel it in your hands, and imagine walking into the mirror alongside this thing. Feel the joy, excitement and love for this thing you have created. How does it make you feel? What’s around you? How has your life changed because of this dream that has materialized?

A Rule for Thoughtful Manifesting

As you practice this meditation for manifesting, take note: Manifestation is a powerful force, so be careful what you wish for. Every thought we think (positive and negative) acts as a ripple in the ocean of our life. It affects the people surrounding us, the job opportunities that present themselves to us, and the events that come into our life, and for us. By sending out positive thoughts for ourselves and for the life we wish to have, we’re becoming more attuned and in alignment with our true selves, and our higher self. Enjoy the process, and the endless possibilities for what the Universe can provide you.

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