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How Meditation Relieves Muscle Tension, Spasms, & Pain – EOC Institute

How Meditation Relieves Muscle Tension, Spasms, & Pain

Meditation For Muscle Tension

Every person, regardless of his or her occupation, will experience muscle tension. Muscle tension is best described as a condition in which the muscles remain contracted for an extended period of time. Stress is the main culprit in muscle tension, and, if left untreated, muscle tension can lead to many problems, including severe back pain.

Stress from work or other physical activities can damage the nervous system. The blood vessels will constrict and this results in reduced blood flow to the tissues that need it. Reduced blood flow denies our muscles the oxygen they need to fuel their functions, resulting in muscle spasms, especially in the back and legs.

Meditation can help relieve muscle tension because the practice is by definition about relaxation. It significantly relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation all over the body. With improved or increased blood flow, the muscles and brain get more oxygen from the blood because there is no clogging and no competition with other tissues. As a result, muscles can freely move and function.

Meditation allows the body to rest, and, in this state, the heart is not subject to forced pumping. When you are tired, your heart is battered with demands of blood freshly supplied with oxygen. Relaxation during meditation lets the heart pump blood at a normal speed, and without any extra demands for oxygen.

Blood can freely flow, and it will subsequently deliver nutrients to the brain and parts of the body, including the heart, lungs, and muscles. The muscles will be able to recuperate, reproduce cells, and heal damaged tissues, which will cause them to relax and stop their spasms.

Since meditation takes you to a state deeper than sleep, your body has the opportunity to regenerate. During meditation, you are in a state of complete rest in which your body can heal and renew itself. Your muscles relax and back pain and other muscle aches are relieved. The result is more energy, better health, and a life free of chronic pain.

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