How Meditation Helps The Brainwaves Of The Business Person

Meditation in Business

At a first glance, meditation and business may seem wildly different. One is associated with a peaceful state of consciousness whereas the other is associated with heightened awareness, stress, and competition. While they seem at different ends of the spectrum, they can have a synergistic relationship. There are a number of different benefits that translate well between the two.

Decrease stress

Meditation offers a safe stimulus to the brain and our nervous system. This increases our maximum capacity for stress. Meditation and business go together because it allows those in business to deal with stress much more easily. When the stress threshold increases, those previous stimuli no longer present the same problems as before. This means that it is possible to stay focused and clear in situations that may have previously led to anxiety.

Heightened awareness

Because business is always changing, either because of market demands or because of competitors, it can often leave people disillusioned, confused, or shocked. During these non-productive states of mind, the odds of making the ‘right decision’ on how to respond become much lower. Oftentimes those reactions result in a mindless response that may lead to an inability to meet long-term business goals.

Enhance creativity

Alpha brainwave frequencies, the fourth in the stages of brainwave patterns, are linked to creativity. It is common to see people slide into ‘panic’ mode in the event that something goes wrong. People may be desperate to regain market share or stop falling sales. The focus becomes so fixated and narrow that we put up boundaries within ourselves. Oftentimes the answers that come from this state of mind are unsatisfactory, mediocre, and uncreative. Creative thinking can serve us in all walks of life, but business especially. Innovative ideas may be the long-term resolution that the problem was calling for.

Trust your intuition

Meditation for Business

Business can come with a number of different challenges. It may be difficult to decide what course of action to take, especially because people are often dealing with countless outside influences that are all vying for attention. The theta brainwave frequencies, the third in the stages of brainwave patterns, are associated with insight and intuition. Intuition is an invaluable tool in business because it serves as part of our subconscious that can go beyond the distractions, the part that simply knows what to do. Having a stronger intuition can help improve personal and business relationships with others and will likely lead to better business decisions in the future.

Go to work happy

Studies show that meditation boosts DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). This is a human made endogenous hormone, secreted by the adrenal gland. DHEA has been linked to alleviating depression, enhancing memory, and boosting the overall sense of physical and psychological well-being. DHEA has also been shown to support the immune system.

The benefits of a better memory in business should be obvious, but if a person goes to work feeling good both mentally and physically, the odds of this person performing better increases. However, with an additional boost to the immune system it means people are not only happier to go to work, but are also less likely to become sick. Considering that research done by the United States Department of Labor shows that absences may cost businesses nationwide upwards of $100 billion per year and labor official estimate that between 3 and 5% of a business’ workforce was absent any given day, this is a very attractive prospect indeed.

Making the most of the day

Meditation, even a few minutes every day may start to make a difference. It is especially recommended in the morning because it may be able to lift the anxiety of the remainder of the day. Starting in a positive way will set the tone for the rest of the day.

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