Kundalini Meditation: The Benefits Of Awakening The Energy Inside

Benefits Of Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini is a bundle of energy that lives at the base of the spine, otherwise known as the sacrum. It is often represented by a coiled female serpent. The purpose of Kundalini meditation is to awaken the serpent and encourage it up through the Nadirs (energy channels of the body) and into the seven chakras, or spiritual centers. Kundalini meditation is an advanced practice popular mostly in India. Most believe it takes years to master, but that some basic mental and physical benefits are achieved early on. One of the most common associations with Kundalini is its sexual benefits. Yet, the physical and mental benefits are not to be overlooked.

The Physical Benefits of Kundalini

Meditation promotes a healthy brain and body. By encouraging Kundalini in a meditation practice, the person meditating enhances the benefits of meditation. Kundalini is frequently used in cases where the person is looking to develop better sensory perception. Some of the physical benefits are:

  • Elimination of toxins. Kundalini meditation is done through a series of breathing techniques which utilize deep stomach inhalations and exhalations. This enhanced flow of oxygen cleanses the body and releases toxins.
  • Enhanced meditation results. Meditation helps to balance out brain chemistry. Chemicals and hormones such as serotonin, melatonin, and GABA are produced during meditation. These substances decrease depression, stabilize our moods, and help our sleep. Kundalini regulates our prana, or subtle inner energy. The result is a clearer, more balanced existence.
  • Magnified senses. The rising of Kundalini through the nervous system swamps the system. It is often used to help people with nerve damage. But anyone can improve their sensory perception with by releasing this energy into the body.

Kundalini Energy Awakening

The Mental Benefits of Kundalini Meditation

Physical improvements often lead to mental refinement. Or is it the other way around? By opening Kundalini to the body, the mental state is vastly improved. Mental benefits of Kundalini include:

  • Grounding our purpose in the universe. The heightened senses brought on by Kundalini meditation present a greater view of the world. This view allows the person meditating to prioritize worries and feel rooted.
  • Promoting healthy self-esteem. Because Kundalini is a great force living within each one of us, the release of it can alleviate feelings of worthlessness or self-hate.
  • Kundalini reminds us of our inner peace and ability to relax and remain calm.

The Sexual benefits of Kundalini Meditation

While the sexual benefits could be listed under physical or mental benefits, Kundalini is so often associated with tantric sex that they are listed here seperately for clarity. Kundalini is a powerful, sensual energy that it is an effective way to enhance intimacy. Although, it induces a better sex life the goal of awakening the Kundalini energy may not be what is immediately thought of in discussions of good sex.

The following are some of the ways this energy improves sex lives.

  • Heightened intimate pleasure: The sexual goal of using Kundalini meditation is not an orgasm. It is to release the mind from the focus on this future event. It is to bring the mind and senses back to this current moment. What the body feels, the aromas, sights, sounds, and tastes of the present are important and not what they may produce later. This focus on the present enlightens and magnifies the senses.
  • Increased connection: By letting go of the future, one focuses on a selfless, giving love. This gracious love is fundamental to releasing Kundalini energy.
  • Improved Focus: The rising of Kundalini is dependent on desire (iccha), knowledge (jnana), and action (kriya). The combining of these increase our concentration and relaxation abilities.

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