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How Meditation Enhances Your Perception – EOC Institute

How Meditation Enhances Your Perception

How To Increase Perception With Meditation

You likely know that meditation can increase your learning ability, your sense of inner peace, and even your overall health. But did you know that it can also increase your powers of perception? Similar to insight/intuition, perception is your ability to naturally observe and correctly interpret the world around you.

When you are perceptive, colors are brighter and flavors are more pronounced. Perceptive people better recognize how others feel and why, which can improve your relationships, your career and your sense of self. Perceptive people tend to be highly successful, with their always-on attention to details, their natural gut instincts, their smart decision making, and their natural inner GPS guidance system.

And unlike your eye color or foot size, perception is not determined at birth – you can expand your powers of perception. The best method for doing so? Meditation. You can increase your perception through regular meditation as you learn to listen, feel and explore your senses. There really are a limitless number of ways meditation can bolster your perception, here are 3:

#1 — A quiet, undistracted mind amplifies the senses.

By letting everything else go, your busy, active mind will naturally start to slow down. When you stop thinking, wondering and worrying – even for a few moments – your mind will benefit greatly. You will notice what’s most important and start to see, listen and think more clearly, which all contribute to perception. You will begin to notice the things you may have been missing out on before, including the blueness of the sky or the sound of crickets chirping outside of your window. This new sense will spill over into your personal and professional life, giving you access to a whole world of new benefits.

#2 — Meditation enhances your intuition.

When you start to listen to that little voice inside that tells you what’s right and what’s wrong, where you want to focus your time and effort, and what and who matters most, your intuition will grow. Too often we neglect this inner voice in favor of loud outside messages from others; meditation will teach you to look within for answers and information. Intuition and perception are divinely interconnected.

#3 — Increase your perception by reconnecting to the quantum.

When we feel connected to each other, rather than a sense of separation, we quickly become more aware of other people, including their wants, needs, thoughts and emotions. When you see your face in others, you realize that we are more the same than we are different. This sense of connection will transform your life in the most transcendent way.

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