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How Meditation Upgrades Effective Listening Skills – EOC Institute

How Meditation Upgrades Effective Listening Skills

Meditations Improves Effective Listening & Body Language Reading

Good listening skills are an important trait to have. They affect your everyday life, from personal relationships to work situations, and can be a difference maker in your success of both. Friends and co-workers highly value people who truly listen and really understand what they are saying. People can tell when you’re not focusing on them. Meditation can profoundly improve your effective listening skills.

Meditation allows you to go deep within yourself to find the real you, which is often buried under layers from years of piled up stress, anxiety and other negativity.

Meditation will melt all of this negativity away – session by session, layer by layer; creating the space needed for your true self, making you more attuned to the things around you. You become more aware, concentrating on the task at hand, whatever it may be (listening, for example).

Instead of all of the negative things invading your inner world, you will have good things that create peace of mind. Meditation teaches you to focus while clearing out all distraction. When you are speaking with someone, your heightened awareness and intense focus allows you to clearly hear and understand their verbal and body language perfectly (never underestimate the power of body-language).

Once people see that you are good listener it will help you in your everyday life. You will see that people really trust you and want to confide in you because you listen; you show that you really care about what they are saying. All because you started meditating.

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Feel The Power Of Deep Meditation.
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