Meditation Can Help You Reach Self Actualization

How To Reach Self Actualization

Did you know that many of history’s most influential people have shared common, yet specific traits? And that, these traits are inherent within every human being?

Its true, known by psychologists as “self actualization” (at the apex of Maslow’s hierarchy of need pyramid), it is possibly for every human to reach this super advanced state of being, including you!

Before we tell you the secret to reaching self actualization, it is important to understand some of the characteristics:

Reach Self Actualization With Meditation

• Very strong ethics, feels “at one” with humanity, like everyone is a family member.
• Has a very altruistic & benevolent nature. Would never hurt another living being.
• Readily accepts him/herself, other people, and human nature.
• Is aware of and seeks out “peak experiences”, moments of highly fulfilling, intense joy.
• Requires privacy and solitude, usually to go within the subconscious mind for answers.
• Not afraid of the unknown. Uninhibited.
Does not need recognition, reward, or popularity.
• Transcends culture, trends, religion, etc.
• Handles stress easily, has little to no anxiety or depression.
• Prefers fewer but deeper, more meaningful friendships. Has a great capacity for love.
• A well developed, constructive sense of humor. Though can be very serious at times.
• Often feels the need to fulfill some kind of life mission.
• Usually focuses on alleviating the problems we face within humanity.

Self Actulization Meditation

What then, is the secret to reach self actualization?

Meditation. In order to become a master of the world, you must first master your mind. Meditation helps you to look inward, transcend the physical, and understand the true nature of your being. Meditation melts away layers of anxiety, depression, fear, phobias, worry, and everything else you can imagine.

Meditation reconnects you to the limitless sea of potential within your subconscious mind. It probably comes as no surprise that many of humanity’s self actualized people recommend meditation as the key to their true power.

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