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How Meditation Helps You Heal Faster – EOC Institute

How Meditation Helps You Heal Faster

Meditation For Healing: Heal Yourself With Your Mind

mind body healing techniques

Our bodies are wonderfully designed machines with natural self-healing abilities. Always under the influence of our emotions and thoughts, it knows how to keep you healthy on all fronts: killing nasty germs, fixing frayed DNA, boosting longevity, eliminating toxins, warding off infection, canceling out cancer cells, and just keeping you in order from head to toe.

Of course, things inevitably go off-course from time to time and when they do, the door opens for disease in all forms to manifest.

So why does our body’s self healing ability sometimes derail? Your nervous system has two main command and control centers — the "fight-or-flight" stress response ruled by the sympathetic nervous system and the "relaxation response" regulated by the parasympathetic nervous system. The latter of the two, you must be relaxed for your body’s natural self-healing abilities to function correctly.

healing through thought

Why do our nervous systems so easily get out of whack? Our caveman originating stress response is there to put us on red alert mode should a lion decide to pursue us for his next meal. The problem is, nowadays, modern man is safe from daily lion attacks, while our stress responses still somehow get triggered, on average, a few dozen times per day.

But how and why? Our so called "lizard brain" originating amygdala confusingly sees our everyday relationship issues, financial worries, and career stress the same as if we were still cavemen being chased by a lion.

Our easily-terrified amygdala quickly and easily shifts into overdrive, initiating a cascade of nasty stress chemicals, effectively preventing our body from being able to do what it does best: keep us healthy. It should come as no surprise that we live in a society so full of mental, emotional, and physical unwellness.

Problem solved. Luckily there is a very powerful, highly effective solution to keeping our so called "lizard brain" amygdala cool and calm while allowing our parasympathetic nervous system optimal functioning: meditation. Scientifically proven over hundreds of studies to quiet down and deactivate the stressful parts of the brain, while nourishing our bodies with the magic nervous system soothing elixir, meditation is the very best technique for proper mind body self healing.

Meditation For Healing: Strengthen Your Mind Body Connection

self healing meditation

Over the last few decades, science has begun to see and understand the body in incredible new ways. Once thought to be a purely 3D piece of biology is now understood to be a super complex interwoven array of intricate information and flowing energy.

Even now, faster than the blink of an eye, your body is dynamically rearranging particles with the rest of your surroundings. In fact, your body has changed in miraculous ways even since you began reading this article only a few minutes ago.

Your body’s countless trillions of cells are perpetually interfacing with each other as they keep you alive: pumping life sustaining blood, getting rid of harmful toxins, while defending against germs, viruses, and disease.

Contrary to the well-entrenched scientific dogma of decades ago, you have much more control over these so called "involuntary" body processes. Hundreds of studies now conclude that our minds’ are the true supreme orchestrator of the mental, emotional, and physical wellness of the body.

Every thought, emotion, and feeling that we have forms a feedback loop with our neurochemistry. As we go about our daily routine, the stimuli we encounter creates within our brain lightning-fast neuropeptides which then attach to ready and waiting receptor cells and neurons. Inline with your emotional state, chemicals then get created either letting your body know it’s party time or run back into the cave time.

healing the body through meditation

For example, after a tough breakup, we feel heartbroken. Contrary to what you may think, this goes far beyond just a feeling a little blue, mentally and emotionally. If a doctor used his best instruments to measure the physical tissue within our heart in the troubling days and weeks following our beloved saying their final goodbye, they would find distressed molecules and damaged cells - topped with extra helpings of both adrenaline and cortisol.

Likewise, your emotional highs and peak moments also correspond with positive neurochemicals like those linked to so called "runner’s high", like endorphins, norepinephrine, antioxidants, and immune system boosters. If only it was possible to harness this limitless potential of the mind! Luckily, the highest solution exists within you - self awareness. What is the key to achieving so called "self aware mastery"? Meditation.

Meditation For Healing: Healing The Body Through Meditation & Self Awareness.

meditation for healing illness

Like a crimp in your backyard garden hose, when your level of self awareness is restricted, the natural flow between your physical body and mind is far from max-capacity. Nasty feelings and emotions, like feeling sorry for yourself, jealousy, doubt, and despair take root and manifest deeply within your psyche.

Lack of self awareness opens the door to destructive habits like smoking, alcoholism, and overeating dominate. The perpetual feedback loop between your body and mind deteriorates more and more as natural everyday stresses pile up... That is, until you reach a breaking point.

Conversely, expanding your awareness of self opens a fire-hose of free-flowing energy. Your compassion and empathy proliferate. You become mentally and emotionally balanced. You begin to see the limitless potential of the world, along with your ability to create the life that you desire. Your creativity unblocks. You become open and flexible to a new life where you are the orchestrator and creator. Your health multiplies, along with your sense of well-being.

mind body healing techniques

What is the secret to expanding your awareness to the highest level possible? Meditation. What better way to understand your inner circuitry than to go deep within your mind on a daily basis. Meditation allows you access to levels of mind and thought you did not know even existed.

The old parable "Know Thyself" is the most precise key to unlocking your path to self-mastery. Meditation is the swiss army knife for those looking to ascend to the highest mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual heights.

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